Valve: Portal 2 Coming To PS3

Valve's Gabe Newell appeared at Sony's E3 press conference to say Steam is coming to the PlayStation Network, and Portal 2 will be available for the PS3 on the same day it releases for Xbox 360 and PC.

CORRECTION: Portal 2 will be "Steamworks enabled", which includes community support features, such as chat. It will not accommodate cross-platform play.

Newell said the new features will make Portal 2 "the best version on any console."

Launch and release dates were not announced; Portal 2 will release sometime in 2011.

Newell made the announcement at Sony's E3 news conference just moments ago.

[Image via GameTrailers]


    So have Valve stopped hating the PS3 or do they just realise they are missing out on a revenue stream?

    As a Mac and PS3 owner, I will be givin' Gabe some love.. in the shape of my wages over the coming months.

    Wait, so is this the surprise Valve thingy?
    Because if this is, it's underwhelming and Freeman-less, and, just, god damn you Gabe Newell.

      God I hope that wasn't all it was.

      I want Ep 3. So much.

    Is this the same Gabe Newell who has verbally lambasted the PS3 at every oportunity in the past? Who said the PS3 was "a waste of everybody's time", "gives you no long-term benefits", "a total disaster on so many levels" and basically refused to ever develop for it?

    It's amazing what a turnaround in console sales can do, isn't it?

    I, for one, am just going to come out and say it.......WAHOO!!!

    Steam coming for PSN? Wow I never saw that coming. I wonder what it will include.

    Next: Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 combined into a single package for PS3, please.

    So why do we have to wait til next to actually play Portal?? Man its takin for eva!!!

    I guess this is the culmination of the those PS3 developers Valve head hunted a little while ago.

    The bean counters at Valve tried to convince Gabe Newell how many thousands of dollars' worth of potential income they were losing out on by not developing for PS3, but he wasn't having a bar of it.

    Then they came back to him with charts expressing the potential earnings in terms of the number of pies he could buy with them, and suddenly he saw the light.

    Is the "Steamworks" because the PS3 has a web browser or something? So its basically only chat so you can talk to people playing Steam on PC, playing an entirely different game. Your Steam PC account on your PS3 or something...????

    Given the loss of Insomniac exclusivity (although they may continue to work on Sony exclusives like Resistance in addition to their multiplat stuff), Sony would have to be pretty happy with the developers they've picked up at the same time. Gaining Bungie and Valve as PS3 developers would have to be seen as a net win by Sony.

    OH THANK YOU!!! The ps3 shouldn't miss out on such awesome Valve titles as Portal 2 and whatever form Gordon Freeman returns in. I was always delighted with the supposedly cruddy port of The Orange Box so even if Valve bag this version of Portal 2 at least I'll be able to play it.

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