Vanquish Gameplay Trailer Is A Disco Inferno

Vanquish, the upcoming shooter from Platinum Games and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, sounded like Gears of War on an acid trip. This gameplay trailer only confirms that suspicion.

It's like Halo and Gears of War went all disco inferno.

The third-person viewpoint and Space Marine characters may look familiar to Western shooter fans, but everything else looks, well, fantastic. Dull greys and browns are swapped out for pulsing blues and blinding whites, while the action appears as frantic as Platinum's last outing, Bayonetta.

Course, that'll all count for squat if it plays like garbage, but so far, so good, Vanquish.


    I was excited about the first trailer back in the day because they made it so damn dramatic and interesting. Ever since they other trailers have been released im thinking its a generic sci fi shooter fest. Hoping for the best though.

    This looks a lot better than I was expecting. Platinum haven't really disappointed me yet, so I'll probably pick it up.
    Not seeing the disco, though.

    Looks like a 'disco inferno acid trip' huh, i wonder if it plays like that.

    I think it looks really good.

    Can't wait to see what the Limited Edition is like?

    This looks batshit insane and flashy. A shooter that's more than hiding and then shooting guys in the face? I'm already interested.

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