Very Important Work Has Commenced

The most important building project of this year has gotten underway in Shizuoka, Japan.

Construction on the life-sized Gundam statue is underway, reports Japan Today. The 18-meter mecha will carry a Beam Saber and be erected near JR Higashishizuoka Station. It will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of Gundam plastic models.

It will also mark general awesomeness.

The Gundam plastic models are manufactured at Bandai's Shizuoka plant. Previously, the construction site was blessed by Shinto priests. The Gundam will be completed on July 24.

Gundam robot statue sets foot in Shizuoka [Japan Today]


    Also known as "Geek Mecha"

      This is the greatest comment in the history of all objects.

    In Adelaide we build life size statues of pigs in the mall. In Shizuoka they build life size statues of giant, laser-sword-wielding robots.

    Shizuoka wins.

      :( Dont remind me how lame we are.

      Don't worry, we can take on that massively awesome robot with our big orange..... or the big lobster?...

      ...its just not the same isn't it =(

      don't forget the huge pair of testicles!
      it's as awesome as giant robots!

    What i want to know is when is the evangelion statue gonna be made?

      It's under construction now!


    One day Japan will build a real giant mech, I'm not joking I honestly think they will build one.

      Well if anyone was going to build a giant fully functional Mech it'd only be in Japan - hopefully either something Macross inspired?

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