Video Game Wars

As seen on the cover of a 2009 issue of Swedish mag Level 42.


    Roger Wilco FTW!

      Hah, i spent a good minute and a half staring at him trying to determine if it was Roger, before reading your comment and getting all excited that it is.

    I love how the "Death Star" is just a planet. They could have made it a Halo ring or mars from Doom or something.

    I am guessing the woman to the right of Samus is a character from Mass Effect?

      You mean Ashley? Yea I think it's her.

      Anyone know what's up with the Easter Island heads?

        They showed up in Super Mario Land, didn't they? I think they were enemies or something.

        It's a Konami thing, I do believe. I don't know what game started it, but heaps of Konami games do this easter egg thing with little Easter Island heads everywhere. MGS2 has them everywhere.

    That's a Kilrathi I hope :)

    The "Death Star" is a ball from... Breakout? Whatever the original of the many variations of ball-and-brick-breakers was called. See the paddle?

      @michael barnes
      i think that the "death star" is the arkanoid ball.

    Many years ago there was actually a fantastic series (or couple?) of Flash videos that lampooned Star Wars with video game characters. Obi-Wan-Shinobi, Lukeegi, Conker and DK as Han and Chewie. Can't recall who made them, nor if the series was ever completed...

    Is Star Fox supposed to be R2 D2 or something... o.O

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