Video Walkthrough Of The New Xbox 360

I unboxed a new Xbox 360 today. And then I shot a video showing all of the key changes and features. Enjoy this on-the-fly Kotaku video special and learn things about the brand new model of the Xbox 360.

Touch-buttons! New hard drive! Smaller brick!


    I think Americans will like it, and most of the rest of the world will find it tacky.
    I personally don't like chrome trim and shiny black in something of that size, I think it looks cheap.

    I'm not surprised that it now has wifi, I think sony's campaigns were starting to bite a bit, so it is good to see them include something that really should be there by now. It looks like it makes more sense from a cooling point of view, it fits the shape of those leaked motherboard pics.

    US$299 though? that makes it what AUD$399 here?

    and Natal/ Kinect not being out until November? I know they want a reason for a Christmas rush, but I think that is a mistake. Unless they have an absolutely killer title hiding in the wings that is not also available on PS3s move, then I think people will be bored with Kinect before it comes out. They can't sustain the hype for that long for a lineup that is for the most part Wii clones.

    The changes aren't as big as I expected...and I'm not sure where the monitor will sit if you've got it on top of your console (now, it will cover most of one of the vents). And high-gloss is a pain to keep clean when you move your console often. But, not bad.

    Any word on if it has bluray? I highly doubt it, as I'm sure they would have announced it, and Microsoft are pretty keen on digital distro.

    BlueRay is a Sony technology, so I doubt Sony would be interested in licensing it to MS for the XBox.

      @Adam Ruch. Bluray is not exclusive to Sony you dumbass. It is a design choice. Xbox can get a bluray if they want. But mostly like it will happen for the next generation of Xbox.

        Okay, "dumb-ass" let me explain in more detail. Sony is a major part of the Blu-Ray foundation/association of companies that worked together to produce the Blu-Ray standard. They were there at the ground level of developing the technology which is why the very earliest BR players on the consumer market were Sony (the PS3 being one of these). In the same way that Sony and Philips were largely responsible for the early development of the CD, Sony is again involved in a (larger) consortium that produced the much more heavily branded Blu-Ray standard.

        So, go have a look at the magical Wikipedia site and even just this page: and tell me whose name is at the top of that list, and whose name is not on it at all. I guarantee you that Sony have made it very difficult for Microsoft to get access to Blu-Ray tech for the XBox.

        I never said 'exclusive' either, I said the technology originated with Sony.

    an you post this vid on youtube or something and give me a link beause it's not working here.

    I wish I could trade my launch 360 for one of those :( looks sooo much sleeker

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