Vindicating Vindictus

OK, I really got off on the wrong foot Thursday with Vindictus, the new MMO from Nexon that we'll see more of at E3. So, let's make a reintroduction with this trailer, giving the game's backstory. Vindictus, readers. Readers, Vindictus.

The broadest theme is familiar: Lone stranger in a strange land, here to save a despairing people. But I do detect some note of political manipulation and religious fervour (and I'm right; the wiki for Mabinogi, the South Korean MMO upon which this game is built, has a ton of spoilers). That probably sets up the moral relativism necessary for you to choose - and justify - your own path within the story.


    Right. This game will not let you connect if you have an Australian IP. They have not said anything about an Aussie server. Therefore, this game is basically unplayable for us aussies.

    I am SO DAM PEEVED!!! An hour and a half of DL'ing only to find you cant even play it in Aus. Yeah thanx for the heads up before i DL'ed it Nexon.....

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