Wait, Naughty Bear Has Multiplayer?

Not only does 505 Games' upcoming killer bear game have multiplayer, it has game modes that actually promote strategic thinking and cooperation. Who knew?

Naughty Bear is a game about one bear killing other bears, so naturally that extends to the multiplayer modes of the title as well. Developer Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) didn't simply toss in bear deathmatch, however. Instead, the multiplayer modes in Naughty Bear are unique takes on some of the classics, with a strong focus on cooperation.

Take the mode Jelly Wars, for instance. In this mode, three normal bears need to work together to collect jellies while one player takes on the role of Naughty Bear, trying to keep them from creating the biggest jelly ever. He'll set traps, hide the jellies, and maim and kill the other players while they work together to survive his onslaught.

It sounds rather compelling, doesn't it?

In Cake Walk, one player must survive while holding the Golden Cupcake, which renders him unable to attack or defends and slows his movement speed. Golden Oozy mode gives one player a machine gun with unlimited ammo, with the other players working together to take him down, and then against each other to claim the "oozy" for themselves.

There's also an Assault mode, which is a two-on-two objective defending game, and the closest thing Naughty Bear has to a normal multiplayer mode.

I figured we'd just be getting a single player adventure game on June 29. Looks like it's quite a bit more than that.

So who's going to play online with me?


    The excessive marketing for this game has pretty much turned me off the possibility of getting this.

      So I'm guessing you never bought MW2, any Halo, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Gears of War 2 or any of their ilk? Because they all had a couple of marketing dollars behind them...

    what platforms is this coming out for?

      Well its tagged xbox, 360 and ps3, so I’m gonna assume it’s a dreamcast exculsive.

    GEEEZ, you Dreamcast fanboys are fail.

    The multiplayer doesn't work

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