Want To See What 3DS Games Look Like In 3D?

Sadly, there are no official videos of the Nintendo 3DS in its full three-dimensional glory. Instead, we'll have to watch fake ones!

The game may be fake, but the 3D effect is real, so grab a pair of glasses and pretend it's actually Mario Kart. Actually, don't. Freddie Kart Super Circuit looks way better.

Thank you, Freddie Wong. Not only did I not know what 3DS games would look like, but I didn't know YouTube had a 3D button, either.

The Nintendo 3DS in 3D! [Freddie Wong]


    um, the 3D effect looks like this...

    its been out since February when that game came out...

    Dear me.

    Yes, thats a DSI game, but the effect is exactly the same. It's depth 3D not actual pop out 3D.

      Sorry, but I'm fairly certain it's pop out 3D. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be any need for a new console, nor would it be such an innovation, nor would there be talks of "3DS Headaches."

      um, No you're completely wrong...

      If this was the 3D that the 3DS uses then there would have been no problems just filming it and by now nintendo would have been able to release trailers or even just show it off on the screens during their keynote. The video you linked didn't even use 3D, You can see the same tech used in some iPhone games even.

      Dear me.

      Yes, You should definitely do more research before you try to drop knowledge like some sort of elitist.

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