Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Gets Its First Trailer

I'm pretty sure I saw this video at last year's E3, but this year, everyone gets to see it.

Despite being developed by Relic, the team behind Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, this is not a strategy game. It's a balls-to-the-walls shooter, so everything you see here isn't a fanciful cinematic; it's what's on the menu when you step into the boots of a Space Marine in a future where there is only war.


    take me.. take me now...

    on a more serious note, though - ENOUGH WITH THE ULTRAMARINES!!!

    i'm so over them!

    Give me a game focusing on the dark angels and i'll be a happy boy... :D

      They stated they havnt decided what marine chapter these guys will be from yet (ignore the color) and it looks more like a skull with a lorial than an omega.

      anyways my guess i that they will be from various chapters like the Deathwatch. the first early gameplay trailer they looked like deathwatch


        ACTUALLY, the laurel with the skull is the ensignia for a command squad. Right shoulders indicate unit type, and left shoulder indicated legion/chapter.

        If you watch the video you can clearly see the Ultramarine ensignia quite a bit.

        But i do agree, deathwatch would be much more satisfying - and would probably make more sence as to why there is a lone marine on screen most of the time

    They are Angels of Death not Ultramarines

    The 3d movie thats in the works is about Ultramarines though.

    What else have Ultramarines been in that you are so overwhelmed by them?

      ALL space marines are also known as the Emperor's Angels Of Death. These guys are indeed Ultramarines, they have the inverted Omega on the shoulder.

      And Ultramarines are the 'standard' Space Marine and show up in pretty much every bit of Warhammer 40k media, except most obviously, the Dawn of War series (which featured Blood Ravens)

      The "Smurfmarines" are also the settings 'Canon Sue' faction. In a crapsack universe they run a realm that's virtually a utopia; they're consistantly hailed as the Emperor's finest warriors despite being far less interesting than any of the other chapters; and they never, ever seem to lose. They're frankly boring.

    That over the shoulder perspective makes me suspiciously reminiscent of Gears of War. This is worrying

      Gears of Warhammer

    Cannot wait. At all. I want it noooow!

    While Relic aren't known for it, I hope they'll include a ton of unlockables (like any action game should have imo). Things like tons of weapons, armour customisation, different Chapter skins etc... I'd happily play the game through again and again if it meant being done up as a Blood Angel, Imperial Fist etc.

    gray knights ftw.

    Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guardsmen.

    "Die for the emperor!!"

    I want that game. Your just one of a million soldiers who are just there to protect the tanks and when you die you just get replaced.

    No one ever thinks about the guard. They are always the extras in the background. :(

      im imagining demon souls but you die alot more...a hell of a lot more

    FINALLY. A 40k game where bolters cause the meaty explosions the canon is always talking about.

    This game looks absolutely gorgeous, the Orks look great, the Marines look great, here's hoping the game itself is as good as the art direction!

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