Watch Kinect Lag It Up On Jimmy Fallon

As expected, Microsoft's Kinect made its second appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show earlier this evening. The first show, last year, went OK! This one does not.

First, Kudo Tsunoda may be the brains behind Kinect, but he's also a giant dork. He shouldn't be the public "face" of the thing. Second, those on-cue applauses aren't fooling anybody; this demo does little but show that in its present state, Kinect is twitchy and, even worse, laggy. Miranda Cosgrove is landing just as her avatar is taking off. Egads.


    What is with American TV shows and people cheering whenever someone stops talking!


      they're clapping because they're told to - the show has "applause" signs.

    I couldn't see too clearly, but are there two kinect's facing them? Is it one-per-player? I somehow imagined that it would be one per console

      That's because they played 2 different games.

      Also I dont know what Luke is talking about this looks fine sure its got a little lag didn't look game breaking though nothing a few tweaks cant resolve down the track. Also his swipe at kudo being a giant dork is a little stupid.

    Looked fine to me

    God... MS need to stop showing this thing off until they iron out these kinds of issues. But I guess, as many have already pointed out, the kind of people who are likely to buy Kinect are the kind of people who aren't likely to actually care if it's sh*t or not.

    shes clearly jumping after he does

    i really can't see how this is fun, a game that requires hardly any cognitive process to play, and close to no dexterity nor agility to play properly.

      Uh, you mean like current controller based games?

      Besides, it doesn't matter if its fun or not for a 'hardcore' gamer.. Families and kids will want it. MS will make a shit tonne selling it to the same market Nintendo sold the Wii. 99% of Wii games are poorly made crap yet the Wii to date has still outsold the PS3 and 360.

    It seemed to work okay

    Very laggy, at the beginning before they start the game the girls character is glitchy

    The only problem I saw was toward the start when the female avatar was all twitchy... Perhaps it was her sparkling dress freaking out the lens???? Other then that it was working perfectly...

    Please Kotaku dont report crap like this, it makes you look stupid.

      lol Being a fanboy you probably cant see that it sucked, but it did. It WAS laggy, it WAS glitchy and the guy looked like a dork(ier) version of Jason Lee. It wasnt the best demo they coulda done for it... they need some cool games that dont look like it belongs on the Wii to show off, a cool shooter or a game like Forza or something. And Kinectimals? Is that Microsoft's rip off of Invizimals? *facepalm*

    Only console, how about EyeToy for PlayStation 2 all those years ago...

    lol. I dunno, it's a bit glitchy and stupid but it's no more retarded than the majority of wii games out at the moment.

    I can see this being fun with a bunch of friends.

    Are we actually meant to stand that far away from the camera, though? I don't have that sort of room where I have my X-box, and it also may explain the lag/twitch.

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