Watch The Entire Red Dead Redemption "Short Film"

The half-hour "short film" for Red Dead Redemption, directed by Hollywood man John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road), screened on TV a few weeks back. Most of you missed that, though, so here it is.

It's... stylish, in a way, but no more stylish than the game's regular cutscenes. And the speed at which it blows through the game's earlier sections is a little unsettling. Those who have played the game will also note that, aside from a few mood-setting shots, there's no new content, as this is all stuff that either plays out in-game or in a cutscene.

It does look to feature smoother, cleaner animation however, and is a great trailer for a video game, but you have to wonder what benefit Hillcoat has brought to this project. If I'd told you this was made by an amateur machinima fan, or was even just a collection of cutscenes for the game, you'd have had no reason not to believe me.

Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 Cinematic - Hillcoat Short Film (Full Version)


    That was brilliant. Some of the shots were really well put together.

    I would hardly call the Australian director of Ghosts of the Civil Dead a "Hollywood man"... The Road is his only American production to date.

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