Watch The Xbox E3 Press Conference Live On Foxtel

Not at E3? You can get a taste of what it's like when Fox8 airs the Xbox E3 Media Briefing live in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"Be a part of entertainment history as FOX8 and Microsoft bring you the world premiere of Xbox 360′s future in a special programming event – Xbox 360: The Future Revealed," says Microsoft's hyperbolic press release.

Doesn't it sound exciting!

In reality, you'll see some Xbox execs get up on stage and talk about how awesome they are. Then some developers will get up on stage and talk about how awesome their games are. A few celebrities will be wheeled out. And there is absolutely guaranteed to be a montage of all the games coming to Xbox 360 this year.

Insomniacs should tune in at 3.30am Tuesday on Fox8. Students and the unemployed can watch a replay at 3.30pm Tuesday on Fox8.

Catch the E3 Xbox Keynote Live! [InsiderX]


    I saw an ad for this one night. I'm glad we just got IQ.

    or or... use that crazy xbox platform they are advertising to stream this event, instead of expecting everybody in australia to have foxtel

      you are so right. i reaally wanna watch this but i can't. GRRRRRR

        You can watch the MS, Ninty and Sony conferences here:
        and click on videos in the top nav bar.

    I've got IQ, but tomorrows my first day back to work after 2 weeks, so i'll probably wake up early to catch it.

    What so no Sony or Nintendo conference?

      their conferences are on later in the week.

    Anyone know if they're broadcasting the Circe' De Sol thing?

    You mean the unemployed could watch it if they could afford foxtel.

    Isnt there a free live stream somewhere?

      Yes, Gamespot will stream all three live. Go to gamespot and click the press confrences link on their E3 header. and both will have live streams free of all conferences.

    I am a student and I am unemployed and yet I can't watch either of those time slots hahaha. Damn exams!!!!

    What about Sony?!

      Sony isn't until the next day (Tuesday there, Wednesday here), same with Nintendo.

    I'm unemployed and living on struggle street. I don't have time to waste watching a press conference about misleading annual figures and other bullcrap.

    I must be dumb, but i cannot for the life see this in the IQ scheduler, either on the net, the tv or the iphone.

    Why do all the e3 live coverage sites say 10am PST time for the 360 keynote! Wouldnt that mean it'll be my ass!

    Guys, just make sure you know, you can watch all e3 conferences (including sony, nintendo and microsoft) through gametrailers, g4tv, gamespot and other places.

    Foxtel and Xbox is just trying to mislead you to think that there are no other way to watch e3 conference except through foxtel... which is wrong.

    Yep, I'm recording this.

    another option is the above link. IGN's Youtube page with live streaming of all the press conferences and other events from E3.

    Nintendo aren't doing a E3 conference this year

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