Watching Super Mario Gameplay As An Android Desktop

Is it just me or does the iPhone always seem to be one step behind Android phones these days?

Just last week iPhone owners were given the ability to have wallpaper images. The Android has that plus the ability to create a "live" wallpaper, like this video playthrough of a Super Mario level.

Android Super Mario Live Wallpaper [via Android Central, thanks KingSnakeX4]


    I'd hardly call setting a wallpaper image, "live" or otherwise very important Brian. I reckon they might be better off spending their time on something more important like making an App Store clone that isn't horribly broken..

      Android isn't iPhone OS and is currently tailored more to a power user than your average consumer. You don't even need the marketplace to install apps, it's just one place to find them.

      I much prefer the customisation like the Mario wallpaper on my HTC Desire than the limited choices I had on my iPhone.

        iOS and Android are like Facebook and Myspace. One is a curated, expertly designed and controlled environment and the other is a free-for-all mess of user customisation. What amazes me are the similarities between 16 year old girls and 'power users'.

    Well actually I'd say Android was extremely well crafted too, and James theres a difference between being *able* to customize a phone and a "free-for-all mess".

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