We All Had To Update Firefox Because Of Farmville Users

Firefox users may have noticed they had to upgrade their browser over the weekend. Why did every Firefox user on the planet need this essential upgrade? Because Farmville was broken.

It seems the previous update was causing problems with the Facebook game, users around the world complaining they were no longer able to play Farmville because a bug "hangs the browser long enough for [a]timeout to trigger and kill it".

The current version gets around this by increasing the amount of time required to "kill" an application while Mozilla work on a more lasting solution.

So the world's second most popular internet browser is updated just to fix a single game. If for some reason you hadn't realised just how big this game is until now, this should do it.

FarmVille Bug Helps Prompt Firefox Update [Gamasutra]


    Farmville is retarded.

    Preparing flak shields.

      Probably the wrong place to actually require the Flak Shield.

      In reality the previous update was an attempt by Firefox to help those poor misguided Farmville players to give up the addiction.

    A part of me thinks that's kinda sad...make that all of me. Then again, I'm not big on that game or facebook in general.

    colour me outraged. How dare they fix a bug for an issue that doesn't affect me, I also hate it when Blizzard fix a bug for a class I don't play in WoW, or when Relic fix a bug for a race I don't play in Dawn of War 2.

    That's the reaction this article expects right?

    Die Farmville die! You are a blight on society's productivity!

    Its great firefox is on top of what its user base wants but Its funny how life has taken a back seat to Farmville.

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