We Want You To Show Us Yours

We Want You To Show Us Yours

Your games collection, that is. Everyone’s got something special on their gaming shelf. This is your chance to show it off to the world.

Yes, we’re bringing back Show Us Yours. We did this for a while last year… and it was fun!

The idea is you take some photos of your games collection or your gaming room or your gaming cupboard or whatever else you have in your house that is about you playing games. You then send us your photos along with a few comments about what makes yours so special.

Then you wait.

If we like yours, we’ll publish it. We’ll probably also make some smart-arse remarks about what is – and isn’t – quite so special about your collection.

Take a look at what we published last year. Then go and take some photos.

We’ll be publishing the first submission in two weeks time, once I’m back from E3.


  • haha. Funnily enough i was thinking abotu this the other day and thought of sending you some shots of mine for the hell of it… then i got distracted by something shiny…

    I think i may actually get onto it now once i get the time to pull it all out 🙂

    • Lol, you and your shiney things 😀

      I’ve sent in my pics already, but you cant see any games, Its too shameful…

  • Damn it! My wife just packed away my whole game shelf cos we’re moving house soon!! Toys and all!!! I’m sure you would have all been hugely unimpressed by my extensive Naruto action figure collection though, so maybe it’s for the best :0

  • I might post some pics of mine, although it’s a shadow of what it once was. In the last 12 months I’ve gotten rid of my XBox 1, PS2, PS3 and Wii and about 120 games.

  • So after reading this, I decided to get my old gaming magazines out and take a photo of them. Then I got to thinking “Is Wildgoose in any of these?” Literally 5 seconds of searching later, I find in my stack, Issue #58 of PCPP published in March of 2001. And two pages in is a picture of David looking like a fresh faced journalist, ready to tear some game apart. Apparently you were playing some game called “Champ man 00/01” at the time?

    Anyway, fun times. I’m off to read your review of Quake 3 Team Arena.

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