We're Due For A *Lot* Of Sonic Adventure

Surprise! Looks like Sega is planning to reissue Dreamcast and GameCube Sonic the Hedgehog games Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Hey... you don't look very surprised. Why not?

Oh! Because the ports of both versions of Sonic Adventure have been slowly leaking from Sega via Xbox Live Arcade for many moons now, alongside other Dreamcast era ports like Crazy Taxi. Today's ratings from the ESRB look to further cement Sega's plans to bring 3D platforming, Sonic-style, to anyone with a PC, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account.

Sega already has its hands full of Sonic the Hedgehog games this year, with Sonic colours and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episodes coming. Where will they find the time?!


    They're releasing Sonic Adventure AND Sonic Adventure DX?

    Isn't that a little pointless? Wouldn't everyone just get DX, since it's the same game, with added content?

    Someone build an ark - lest we all drown in blue hedgehogs...

    I can already hear the furries yiffing like crazy about this.

    Sonic adventure dx is the same as sonic adventure with a few extra things. Sonic adventure 2 dx, is not sonic adventure dx. Sonic adventure 2 is by far the best 3d sonic they have ever made.

      Yeah true, but its Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - not DX.

    Awesome, can't wait. I doubt they will release both versions though. DX would be great for the unlockable classic 8-bit sonic games - 18 of them if I remember! (paradoxical really - emulation within emulation!) But the original Dreamcast code would play the best as there is minute differences between the original code and the ports.

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Cube was awesome, at least at the time. It all went way downhill from there.

    sweet sweet sonic
    I was hoping the rumors were right

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