We're Really Not Feeling This Thor Costume Concept Art

Yesterday's live-action Captain America concept art gave us hope for the next Marvel properties getting the movie and video game treatment. Today's Thor concept art takes a large hammer to that hope.

Yesterday Ain't It Cool News delivered a set of images purported to be concept art for the upcoming Captain America movie, which of course also makes them concept art for the video game Sega will deliver to coincide with the movie's release.

Now Collider.com digs up a couple of similarly styled concept art pieces showing off Chris Hemsworth as The Mighty Thor. This is the first time we're seeing the full outfit, complete with glowing blue Mjolnir (pronounced myol-neer), plastic replicas of which are sure to start showing up at toys stores months prior to the movie's May 6, 2011 release date.

I'm just not feeling it.

Perhaps it's the faux scale-mail sleeves, or the random rubber-looking bits around the boots that don't seem to serve any real purpose. Maybe it's the fact that the Norse god of thunder needs to wear boots with jagged hiking soles.

It could be I've just been spoiled by Bryan Hitch's simple design for Ultimate Thor, who was just a big guy in a stylised muscle tee with a fancy belt.

It's just not screaming Thor for me.

Try this. Put the full-sized image on your computer screen and take a few steps away. Squint your eyes. That could be anyone. Hell, it could be blond Magneto.

Ultimately, I am not a film director, so what do I know? With Kenneth Branagh handling the directing, Natalie Portman as Thor's human love interest, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, this could be the most spectacular Marvel movie ever created.

Hopefully the status quo will be maintained. Marvel will continue to deliver solid movies, and Sega will continue to turn them into mediocre games.

Exclusive: New Images of Chris Hemsworth as THOR [Collider]


    Over at Hitfix.com they already said these were only pre-renders and not the final final look. Supposedly they're not indicative either of the materials and the final costume looks more metallic and leathery and not so much vinyl and plastic. Given the love and care they've put behind Iron Man and even The Incredible Hulks design (hey I liked the movie, but the design of the Hulk himself was good in the 2nd movie, not so much the 1st...) I'll wait for an actual full profile photo instead of a cgi pre-rendering.

    Which no doubt they'll rush out soon.

    Btw Why are you guys not showing THE WALKING DEAD photos! ZOMBIES!!!! ON TV!!!! Huge news guys!

    I actually thought it looked alright...the top half that is. When I scrolled down and saw the whole picture, I agree, it doesn't look right.

    Remember, its just concept are.
    And costumes for all movies look pretty ordinary. Its not until theyre on set, under lighting, being filmed and during post production do they start to look great.

    I disagree... Looks just like old school Thor except with beard...Should be sweet!

    So far way too spaceman inspired not enough Viking inspiration.

    It's THOR for fuck's sake! Do some research on Vikings!!!

      You realise that in the comics, he isn't actually a God. but is an Asgardian, essentially a race of 'space men' who are just super powerful? And thus the suit is somewhat fitting?

      Looks like an underwater Elton John.

    Eh, I been playing MUA2 lately, and thats kinda what he looks like in it...just has the Winged Helmet in that, but with the Cap one being Sans Helmet as well, maybe they're getting away from little winged hats..

    The way I see it, if they keep it looking somewhat like the comics, then its okay. You'll never please all the fanboys...so there is no point trying

    Looks too sci-fi, but as others have said we have no reason to believe this is the final design.

    I think its just needlessly complicated, and there's too much 'plastic', but I think the real reason it looks 'off' is that its so dark: while the comic Thor also has a black tunic and boots, he also has the same silver scale mail on his legs as he has on his arms, and a broad leather belt across his waist which help break up the black, making it look a lot more balanced.

    I also think they would have been better off sticking to more 'natural' materials.

    I mean, he's a GOD - does he really need kevlar body armour? :P

    For a Legendry Hammer of the Norse Gods it looks kinda weak. A big two hander with a solid stone head is kinda what he needs to wield.

    But I'll wait to see a proper movie still/trailer before reserving final judgement, just don't make this another Daredevil. Heck even Ghost Rider did a better movie.

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