What Are We Forced To Wear To See The Xbox Kinect?

What Are We Forced To Wear To See The Xbox Kinect?

Microsoft is holding a pre-E3 event tonight, the “Project Natal” for Xbox 360 Experience, starring the acrobatic elite of Cirque du Soleil and forcing us to don… whatever it is that Deputy Editor Stephen Totilo is wearing right now.

Are those choir robes? Some sort of disco Jedi outfits? Is Gallagher going to be there with his Sledge-O-Matic?

Don’t expect too much coverage from tonight’s event, which will officially reveal the Xbox Kinect and its new games, as it’s “technology free”. No cameras or video equipment unless you’re MTV or Nickelodeon and plan on putting the Xbox 360’s new motion controller on television.

But those attending today’s Kinect even did get a sneak peek of what Cirque du Soleil has planned outside the event. Expect drumming, dandy costumes and plenty of kinetic activity.


  • I thought everyone knew about the ongoing bet between the Microsoft Marketing Department staff on can make journalists _willingly_ wear the most ridiculous item of clothing or accessory simply to gain entrance to an event that they’d let journalists into even if they refused to demean themselves.

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