What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

Greetings from Los Angeles! Or more precisely, Santa Monica, where I'm spending the weekend before E3. I can see the beach from my hotel window, but I'm also without all my games consoles.

This means I've only got my iPod and my laptop to game on. At least until the show opens on Tuesday and I'll be playing all kinds of upcoming titles. But that's Tuesday and this post is all about the weekend.

On the flight over, I spent much of it playing 100 Rogues on my iPod. It is probably the best version of - yep - Rogue to be found in the App Store. That's it pictured there on the right. You should totally check it out if you've a hankering for handheld RPGs.

Other than that though, I think I'll give gaming a break this weekend.

This post will stay stickied to the front page all long weekend, so you've got plenty of time to let us know what you've been playing.

On Tuesday, look forward to a new name on the AU site as Dan Staines takes the reins for the week while I'm over at E3. Be nice to him.



    I have $30 PSN card...what should i buy?


      And Joe Danger looks pretty fun. Though I haven't had the time to download it, but will do so after exams.

      Super Stardust HD, PixelJunk Shooter.

      Flower is a definite must play, however I don't think it will suit a lot of peoples tastes. It'd definitely something totally different.

      I think Joe Danger is great fun so far. I would also say Trine is good as is Pixel Junk Shooter.

      wipeout HD

    I'm finally at a point in Final Fantasy XIII where I WANT to play it because it's fun. It's taken a while, but Pulse is awesome.

    First time I went to LA I hung out in Venice Beach and Santa Monica as well. Didn't want to get to Hollywood until a few days in. The beaches are nice. Anyway, did you notice the taste of the air the moment you stepped off the plane?

    I'll be playing some Transformers: War for Cybertron! Thanks to the contageous network, if I download and play the demo, they're gonna send me a free copy of the game! w00t! Here's hoping it's actually a decent game!

      Me too!

      Can't wait for the full version to get delivered! The demo is sweet.

      Me three!

      It's a nifty website, I just wish I was 14-17 so I could try the free music and games thing they were talking about.

        Which promotion was this? I received an email from the Contagious Network on the 24th of May to take part in a promotion for a video game but I missed the deadline (27th of May). I'll be so pissed if I missed out on getting a free game


        What website is this?


          I first heard of them when they ran a promotion on Uncharted 2 and they gave out the full game for FREE. Missed out on it though but I did manage to sign up hoping some new game promotions would pop up. Unfortunately for me they did have a Transformers 2 promotion but I missed out...

          I'm fairly sure thats the most recent video game promotion/giveaway since the Uncharted 2 one as I've only received tickets for movie screenings (but never claimed any). Site seems legit enough and if you google around a bit nearly everyone who signed up for the Uncharted 2 promotion received their game.

            Yeah, I signed up, thanks. So what do you do, do they just send you promotions and whatnot?

              Yeah, just make sure they're on your safe list for email, and every so often, they'll send you an invitation to join a promotion. They're usually movie previews.

    Dan Staines of Hyper and PCPP fame?

    I’ll also be playing nothing. My exams start on Tuesday.

    civilization, Mount and blade, Age of empires 3 and Green day: rockband

    Joe Danger, Skate 3 and Alan Wake

    Fallout 3, thanks to Davids often glowing remarks and Steam's sale this weekend. Here's hoping I don't get killed by a gecko ten minutes in like I did in Fallout 2.

      there are no geckos in Fallout 3, but there are still creatures/monsters that are lethal to early characters.

      think of fallout 3 as fallout 2 in 3d, with 60 percent of the content removed, written by committee. that said, it can be great fun. fun like a shooter. not like an rpg.

    Well, nothing, because of those pesky exams. But inFamous, AC2 and Fallout 3 are begging to be played. Not to mention that next week my RDR comes in and PW is out. Overload!

    Haven't decided yet - might go back and revisit one or two of the first party Wii games that I haven't completed.

    Still playing Red Dead Redemption and purchased Joe Danger from the PSN on Thursday and have been playing some of that, its sick!

    The majority of my weekend will be taken up playing the 'Game of Life', as I'm getting married tomorrow! Everything is pretty well organised though so I may be able to fit in some more gaming before the big day.

    Then its off to Daydream Island for a week, can't wait to get away from this bloody cold NSW weather. Hopefully the missus will take her laptop so I can keep up-to-date with all the E3 coverage ;)

      Huge congratulations Adam! I hope the big day goes smoothly and you have a day to remember!

      Congrats mate!. My fiance and I have been engaged for a bit over a year now and we really need to start planning the wedding. Hope you have a good day and even better honeymoon. Just don't miss out on all the E3 goodness!

      I'll be playing some Green Day Rock Band, BFBC2 and Alan Wake. Just finished RDR the other night, but I still need to invest more time into the online play and work towards the 100% complete stat.

      Congrats. I hope to reach that stage one day myself.

      Congrats mate :) Lovely news!

      You probably will not even see this but in case you do, have a great day and I wish the two of all the happiness that you can drain out of the day :D

    Team Fortress 2, but I finally get to finish my lay-by for my PS3 this coming week so really excited to see what Sony has coming out at E3, although after seeing the leaked FCC listings, I'm really hoping that they don't release another Piano Black PS3, as I don't think I would be able to change the lay-by.

    Oh and if anyone is looking for a PS3 with God of War 1, 2 and 3 Collectors, check out this link: http://www.game.com.au/JuneCat2010, $578 not a bad deal!

    Nearly done Red Dead. Hopefully get into Alan Wake or Mod Nation Racers. I pick them up the day RDR came out but can't stop playing.

    I was surprised last night as my brother in law had picked up Mod Nation Racer and it turned in to an impromptu gaming session that lasted in to the wee hours of the night.

    Like David I'm away for most of the weekend so will just be my iPhone and iPad on the road with me.

    Bought Batman Arkham Asylum as it was on sale on Steam, gonna play through that (although I should really be studying for exams...).

    I was away for the week so haven't done any gaming, I've still got 5% left to complete in Lego Star Wars, and Final Fantasy XIII won't finish itself (up to chapter 9 now I think)...

    hm i still have exams but not for another week and a hald so i might finally find the time to go in and finish dragonage like ive been [;anning to

    id not maybe ill give the new PoP a go

    Playing some Super SF IV. Hopefully more noobs online so I stand a chance. One or two wins a weekend would be nice ;)

    And some BF:BC2.

    Add me if you're keen for some fighting.
    Xbox id: wepoo

    I'll be playing Machinarium, great little game and only 25 bucks for the collector's edition at EB. Not only do you get the soundtrack on CD but they also put it on the game disc in mp3 and FLAC formats.

    Thinking about getting Greenday: Rock Band or Prototype.

    If not then probably some Borderlands, Burnout: Paradise and maybe Tinker or something from my XBLA collection. Also want to try and squeeze in some Gears Of War 2 in preparation for the 6x XP week.

      I just finished playing prototype last night (finally) - and i absolutely loved it... it's not entirely as repetitive as i thought and some of the missions were a huge challenge even on normal mode. That being said the difficulty keeps swawing between dead easy and throwing your controller at the tv.

      About half way into the missions you'll finally be able to hijack hellicopters which is where the real fun starts! :D

      I'll be playing transformers for most of the weekend (multiplayer demo) it's pretty bloody fun actually and it's a game where i don't get killed constantly after spawning (cod4 i'm looking at you)

      I'm trying to decide what game to tackle next from the pile.. i was Thinking Dante's Inferno or Mirrors Edge... I just want a quick title to blast through before i start mass effect

        Scratch my previous post, I took the plunge and traded RDR for the Bioshock 2:Special Edition, so I'll be playing that and some Machinarium.

        Not sure about Dante's Inferno because I haven't played it, but Mirror's Edge isn't too bad (except for those awful cartoon "cutscenes"). Shouldn't take you long to burn through it.

        I downloaded the Transformers demo the other night, but I've yet to try it out.

          I don't know why but I had it in my head the Transformers WFC was a coverbased shooter... and when it wasn't it kinda threw me.

          old_skool_gamer you took in rdr? WHY!? Its amazing, ive had to stop myself from playing it because if i do i wont be able to stop, then ill forget to study and bam i fail exams.

            I know, it's an awesome game, but I finished the story and as I'm unemployed at the moment I can't always afford new games. so in order to play newer games I have to trade games while they are still worth a decent amount. I will be picking it up again when it's down to like $30-$40.

    As I'm doing a lot of design work atm, playing Torchlight because it's the best Steam game that I've bought that's also on Mac.

    Playing nothing tonight because (shameless plug) my band Cheese Excursion's playing at the Prague Hotel, 911 High St Thornbury (/shameless plug). Apologies if plugs aren't cool here...

    Dan Stains from Eegra? So I guess Eegra is officially dead now? Pity, they had such great comics ^^.

    Team Fortress 2 (on the 360) and some GTAIV and am downloading the new War for Cybertron demo to check that out - looks decent compared to the other two.

    My copy of Blur arrived, so I'm mainly be playing that. Thanks Kotaku!

    Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition, No More Heroes and Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.


    Go check out Cinespia if you get bored gaming.

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