What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be playing through the first hour of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker this weekend. Assuming I can find my PSP, that is.

Kidding. I know it's under that pile of dust over there.

This'll be my first Metal Gear game since, er... the first Metal Gear Solid. I'm not expecting to have much of a clue about the broader plot and the significance of the events detailed in Peace Walker. But I'm hoping for plenty of nonsensical, vaguely stealthy shenanigans. We shall see.

I'll also be helping some strangers in Red Dead Redemption, mixing up my Bourne with a little Bond in Alpha Protocol (I'm playing it mostly professional with the occasional suave one-liner), and hitting giant enemies in their weak spots for massive damage in increasingly excellent Lost Planet 2.

How about you?


    After finishing an assignment for uni I'll be playing Alpha Protocol, I think.

    Gotta start that assignment first though.

    Have a revision weekend for my MBA so will be in syd CBS today then backbreaker to finish up the kotaku team.

    Mainly Red Dead Redemption, then a bit of UNO on XBLA to grab the last achievement, Guitar Hero: Metallica and maybe some Burnout: Paradise.

      Did you happen to pick up any tickets to see Metallica? I was lucky enough to grab 4 for a Sydney show. Can't wait!! *Throws goat*

        I wish! I can't afford it (unemployed). Hope you enjoy the show man.

    Just finished a long as hell assignment on uranium mining in Kakadu, it’s my last assignment before the exams. So yeah, I’m free to play games now. I’m really in the mood for a new DS game, so I’ll be off to EB later today to see what they have on sale.

    Dude! You're first Metal Gear since 1? Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense. Should've played 3 before you play this, at the very least. And I'm quite jealous.

    I've got Mod Nation Racers sitting in front of me. . . not sure how much time I'll spend playing it though, not when Rock Band 2 has done such a great job of distracting me from every other game I've tried to play in the last few weeks.

    Wet HAWX Pokemon diamond Guitar hero

    Final Fantasy XIII. Still.

    I wouldn't worry too much about missing out on the plot, Ive finished 1,2,3,4 in fairly quick succession and it still felt like I was playing through the fever dream of Sam Fisher watching twin peaks. Damn good though.

    Will sneak some Monster Hunter Tri inbetween my insane ammount of exam studying.

    Alpha Protocol it is for me.

    I got stuck in to some Red Dead Redemption last night, completed a couple of story missions before I got distracted by hunting wolves and playing poker.

    But apart from that, I will be playing "Walk my mum down the isle". Yup, my mum is getting married tonight. So proud of her.

      Tell me about it, it's so easy to get distracted from the main story in RDR. If you're up for some multiplayer and your on XBox hit me up GT - CHEEKY MUNKY23.

      Congrats to your mum. Hope you enjoy the wedding. Don't get too drunk at the reception ;)

        Thanks Old Skool!

        I would love to join you for some online gaming, but we are from two different families I am afraid. You know the rules, xbox and ps3 can't mix... and it will only end in tears, or death (romeo + juliet).

        I am nursing a bit of a hangover today. Youch!

    I will tear the plastic if Lost Planet 2 and take a peek. MW2 will surely get a look in, the new maps look pretty good, better than the last lot. I might drop down to the video store and grab Alan Wake overnight as well.... too many games, so little time!

    Thank god it's a long weekend next weekend!!!

      holy crap i reckon! long weekend for the win.
      Its even better if you live on the sunny coast, we get monday and friday off. 3 day week XD

    Just some SSFIV as usual. But i'll have to start cramming for exams now though :(

    alpha protocol & RDR for me as well as Exam time

    nearly gave in and bought lost planet 2 on the ps3 last night but im gonna w8 for my PC version :P

    As I was browsing the web this morning, I ran across something that ignited a little flash of memory of a game I played quite a bit as a kid. The memory was so vague as to be pretty much ungoogleable (Factory! Fixing stuff! Also, there are lemmings...?), but then I remembered a mention of Industrial Light & Magic... or, more correctly, a parody of it. Anyone see where I'm going with this yet?

    It was LucasArts' (well, Lucasfilm Games back then) Night Shift. So, having tracked it down, I'm seriously enjoying a bit of nostalgia this afternoon. After that, workworkwork, so I'll be lucky to sneak in any more gaming time with anything else.

    After I work a little more on my painting I'll replay some Bayonetta

    red dead redemption :O
    the poker is fun

    Would be playing Alpha Protocol if my 360 didn't E74 on thursday.. so maybe The Witcher or Half-Life 2.

    Mostly I'll be playing Hating Mr Wildgoose For Getting A Copy Of MGS:PW Before Me ;)

    Maybe a bit of MGS:PO if I have time to prep for it :)

      Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

      Still, It comes out in the US next week. Time to import? I think so :D

    Woohoo! Just got my hands on a copy of Red Dead Redemption! Now I finally have something to play on my PS3. :)

      I can't remember the last time I got a game so close to the release date.

    No Super Mario Galaxy 2?

      I probably won't even get to it until after E3...

        Would that be due to it not getting released in Australia until well after E3?

          No, I have a copy here, but there are too many other games to get through first.

            I sincerely hope that the hype is worth it. It's been getting better scores than Red Dead Redemption, which just boggles my mind.

      Grrr. I'm Yoshi with envy.

      I've been stumbling through RDR and loving it, and was going to fire up Split/Second last night but got distracted watching the tennis. :(

    Finished FFXII (60hours worth awesome ending and it makes sense of the cover art). I'll be playing Yakuza 3 and NFS:shift. Trying to decide to get Red Dead or Just cause 2... wants both but sick of 50hour games atm.
    Also got stalker 1 which I want to mod and play and Deus Ex1 I actually want to finally finish.

    Life's hard.....

      i feel really bad for you, having to chose between red dead redemption and just cause 2. Both one of the most amazing games ive played. Lucky for me i have both XD. I'll be playing a mix between rdr, metro 2033, borderlands and littlebigplanet

        You're right, I'll have to save my pennies and get both. thanks for clearing that up :D

    Still playing MW2 for now, maybe might get not Alan Wake tomorrow.

    Blur hasn't arrived yet, sadly.

    Finally loaded up Alpha Protocol and are liking the RPG elements but the 3D shooter action is a little last gen.

    Also making my way through Plants vs Zombies on the iPad as I'd not picked it up on any other platforms.

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