What Are You Playing This Weekend?

With E3 gone, I'm actually looking forward to getting away from all those new and upcoming games and getting back into a few games I've yet to finish.

Like Red Dead Redemption. I'll also be dipping into some Lost Planet 2 co-op, some 100 Rogues on my iPod, and maybe even some Mario Galaxy 2.

I'll also be trying - in vain, no doubt - to not spend far too much money on Steam's summer sale...

How about you?


    Just started Fable II, really enyoying it so far.

    getting my PC gaming (dota) on. couldn't bring my ps3 on vacation with me. SIGHS. missing all the dick smith and insane game sales!

    End up with a few new old titles from the dick smith and Game sales. Hopefully get into Dirt 2, Dante's Inferno and Guitar Hero 5.

    3D Dot Game Heroes, I think. Need to finish the Aqua Temple.

    Demon's Souls, I'm gonna play it until I can take no more... which admittedly might take half an hour... and for some reason, I've been wanting to play Garry's Mod for a while... but first, I'm gonna watch the finale of Lost (yes, I'm a bit late... but I'll have seen every episode now which I'm happy about)

    Looking forward to what all the 24 hour sale deals are on steam - yesterday and todays don't interest me but still looking forward to the rest.

    Will be playing lots of War for Cybertron MP.

    I picked up Red Steel 2 earlier this week along with Little King's Story and Pikmin 2. I also have Endless Ocean 2 and Metroid Primes 2 and 3 to finish. Hmm...

    My sister was in a bad car accident last weekend which has left her in hospital, she will be there for a while :( I stay with her at night so I have been searching for some really good iPhone games to keep me awake, I have found a really cool point and click style game called Hector:Badge of Carnage and it is pretty funny at times.

    If anyone else could recommend me some worthwhile games that will give me good bang for buck, that would be unreal!

      Some good ones i have seen are
      - Plants Vs Zombies (Fun and lengthy)
      - Pocket God (sandbox type game)
      - Doodle Jump (addictive simple game)
      - Angry Birds (really addictive, a true classic)
      - Zenonia / Zenonia 2 (old style RPG)

    just started playing the rdr multiplayer but finding it very difficult to find games, co-ops fun though and there seems to be plenty of people looking for games

    I haven't played anything all week, but I picked up The Force Unleashed last week so I'll get stuck into that. Just been in a Star Wars-y type of mood.

    Just finished Splinter Cell Conviction, moving onto Darksiders.

    Already bought a couple of games from the Steam sale, argh...

    singularity transformers: war for cybertron and duke nukem: Manhattan project so awesome that singularity came out nearly a week early


    and possibly some more Mass Effect

    Mirror's Edge, not a bad game for 8 bucks brand new

    I found animal crossing with wii speak for $20 from dse. I got it purely for wii speak for MH3 but I haven't even touched that since and animal crossing has hooked me back in over the past 3 days :( I feel so ashamed haha. I told myself it wouldn't happen again after the ds one.

    Red Dead Redemption for me too, i want to finish it this weekend then i can start on a few games i picked up on sale

    but i do love Red Dead Redemption alot so far

      Amen to RDR. Such an amazing game. I think I finished it today... but there's still missions. So I guess... I haven't? Still, so so awesome.

    I went down to Dick Smith to see what all the fuss is about and managed to score myself an extremely cheap copy of Etrian Odyssey after you suggested it. So I’ll get stuck into that over the weekend. I’m really excited about the map making mechanic in the game.

      So, I got Etrian Odyssey. And the game is totally kicking my ass. I like the fact that it doesn’t hold my hand whatsoever, even from the very first level, the enemies are tough enough to wipe out my whole team. I also love the freedom I have. I’ve decided to go for a mixed bag with my team. Every single class has its place. While my alchemist may do no physical damage at all, I loaded him with fire skills and made him a dangerous spellcaster. My medic, I loaded with a passive skill that heals my team after every encounter for free, and has since become my best team member.

      But holy hell, this game is brutal. I came into it expecting FF style difficulty where I could breeze through the early levels and just repeatedly press attack on the first enemies I could. But I’ve never played a DS RPG that requires this much strategy. You have to choose who to attack first and with what. Hardest enemies absolutely must go first, then worry about the scraps later. The money system means I’m actually dreading the time I have to go rest because it costs so much. I have to make use of every piece of life I have.

      Also, I picked up Dragon quest heroes: Rocket Slime. It’s the most bizarre and out there game I think I’ve ever played, it’s almost like the entire development team decided that they would take a lot of drugs and design this game. Still, I don’t know much about the gameplay yet. But, the art style and silly Slime related jokes get me; this game is just full of charm.

    My local Dick Smith doesn't stock *any* games. Thanks DSE! :*(

    JB Hifi - War for Cybertron $59 until July 1st. Plus its gotten good reviews... guess ill be playing that.

    *makes Transforming noises*


      Seriously though, I'm loving the Campaign in Co-op mode. It introduces a few twists on top of single player in the form of sharing resources, scoring some achievements together and not letting your buddies die - fail to revive them it's back to the last checkpoint for the lot of you!

      Also loving Escalation mode: makes me think of 4 player WaW: Nazi Zombie mode with Transformer stand-ins. Better yet, you can use the points you rack up from your kills to buy health, ammo, weapons and open new areas in the arena. You're even able to pool resources with your fellow bots to do this.

      It's such a good mix of co-op and competitive multiplayer. As much as I would have liked a split screen mode I'm really not missing it.

      *Fires up 360*

    Finished Heavy Rain on Monday, which was awesome. This weekend it's all about Red Dead co-op for me.

    just finished transformers wow what a great game just started singularity its bioshock meets cryostasis with a hint of fear 2

      Hey OT where did you get singularity? I called around and none of the Eb games or Kmart have it, didnt try JB thought I'd just ask you. I've finished Transformers and keen for something new. cheers.

    Uncharted 2, got the platinum for $28 from the UK and need to finish it before starting on Demon's Souls.

    Loving Red Dead Redemption and up to Sequence 9 for ACII. And maybe some inFamous.

    War for Cybertron, I got 2 missions left on the Autobots and than I'm diving into some Multiplayer, maybe upping the difficulty and trying another play through with different characters.

    Might even try the Co-Op campaign. Yay for Regional matchmaking.

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