What Bethesda Is Bringing To E3


    Fallout New Vegas & RAGE, great! But where on earth is Elder Scrolls 5? At least announce it Bethesda, us Elder Scrolls fans have been waiting along time since Oblivion!

      Us "Elder Scrolls fans" abandoned the series with Oblivion

        Um, no. Some "Elder Scrolls fans" abandoned the series with Oblivion. Fair enough. But to imply that anyone who still loves the series is not a true 'Elder Scrolls' fan is just elitist nonsense.

    Yes we want another Elder Scrolls dammit! But more in the vein of Morrowind than Oblivion... Oblivion had a great fighting system but an average as fuck overall style.

    Morrowind was like nothing i'd ever played... it was trippy as and engaging!

    Wow, there's a lot of hate for Oblivion in here... you guys obviously didn't play it when it was new and jaw dropping. There still hasn't been an RPG anywhere near as good this generation. I've spent equally as many hundreds of hours in both games.

    As for them releasing another Elder Scrolls soon, I don't think it's likely. I think they're pretty calculated, and like with Oblivion it's probably going to be on next gen hardware, not the 360/PS3.

    Brink will be playable at this E3 :D:D:D:D

    Pleaaaaaaaase bring us more gameplay footage!

    I don't get why "Fans" dislike Oblivion. I thought it was solid all round...except for "DLC".

      The Oblivion "hate" seems to stem from two things:

      1. In Oblivion, the world levelled with you, meaning in the early game you'd encounter bandits in leather armour, but by the end you'd be running into those same bandits in glass armour. In Morrowind, the world was more static, meaning there were areas you couldn't dare visit until you were a high enough level to survive.

      The benefit of the Oblivion approach is that it's more accessible and players are able to explore wherever they like right from the start. The benefit of the Morrowind approach is that it feels more like a real place and offers more of a challenge.

      2. Oblivion abandoned much of the unique strangeness of Morrowind - its creatures, its vegetation, etc - for a far more traditional fantasy setting. The Shivering Isle DLC had far more of a Morrowind flavour.

      I don't think Oblivion was a bad game by any means, and Bethesda made the right choices in terms of developing a game that would sell to a wider audience. But I can understand why the hardcore Elder Scrolls fans felt let down.

    Hmmmm...if that is accurate, the question is: TES V by Bethesda, or the MMO by Zenimax?

      What a reliable source!

        According to another site 'The magazine (Famitsu) took a publisher survey in which Capcom, Electronic Arts, Konami, Sega, Square Enix, Tecmo Koei, and Ubisoft confirmed that they will have surprises for the show. Bethesda and Namco Bandai listed “secret” under their surprise category.' It's a very popular magazine in Japan, so I don't know why they would fake it. Maybe it's just clutching at straws, I don't know, but Zenimax has the trademark 'Skyrim', which they have extended 6 times over the last few years. They have until the end of July to file an 'intent for use' (I think it's called that) or to let the trademark expire, which would then mean that it would take months to re-file the trademark. Therefore, I think that either an Elder Scrolls V or an MMO by Zenimax will be announced before the end of July. And if not...who n

    I don't think people really hate oblivion but i think it's that Morrowind was such an awesome game that they (including I) felt oblivion didn't really match up to its predecessor as well as it should have.

      bethesda refused to respond to anyone, and they purposely assaulted us by giving us a buggy game knowing it sucked. they never even tested it. they hate theire fallout 3 fans aswell. bethesda hates all public. they did not respond to any of my 200 emails. i hope god makes them regret screwing us all over and he will. also bethesda abandoned fallout 3 now too. i dont belive bethesda will be known at all withing 10 more years. everybody is starting to hate them. they treat us all like crap. and they will soon pay.

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