What Day Can You Buy The New Xbox 360?

Microsoft revealed that the new slimmer and smaller Xbox 360 would be shipping today and priced at $US299. Microsoft's Don Mattrick said it would be available later this week. And what day is that exactly?

According to an internal Target memo, the new Xbox 360 will be available for purchase this Friday (June 18) at the earliest and this Sunday (June 20) at the latest. The new Xbox 360 is smaller, quieter and boats a 250GB hard drive and onboard Wi-Fi.


    MS just wants to boost sales in the xbox to make more money. they barely changed a thing.

      From this I assume you think the same about Sony. Except they changed even less.

        Thats not true, Sony REMOVED quite a few features for the slim version. Ability to install Other OS, capacitive touch buttons, internal PSU not to mention all it's looks...

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