What Do Red Dead Redemption Players Have Against Crows?

Do Red Dead Redemption players hate crows? I shoot virtual deer and wolves a lot in that fantastic video game Western, but look at these stats, pulled from the Rockstar Social Club:

Hey, all of you virtual cowboys, what did these crows ever do to you? You can't even sell their feathers for much money. Then again, when I'm not trip-skipping in Red Dead and instead listening to the dialogue while riding shotgun in a wagon, I've shot a crow or 20. Can't help it.

These animal kill counts and other stats in the Rockstar Social Club are pulled from the consoles of gamers like me who have synced their Rockstar games to the company's website. By logging on, I just found out that someone named "A 1 Ton MESSIAH" skinned 19 skunks. Whatever keeps you warm on the frontier, A1. Just watch out for bobcats (other than the eight you skinned already).

Can't bring myself to shoot a buffalo, though. That seems meaner than my honorable version of John Marston is capable. He's reformed!

PIC via Flickr


    I want to see how many donkeys I shot. I was riding around last night on the donkey (just started PS3 multiplayer) and I could't bring myself to ride that thing. It just looked sad and sorry to i put it down, about 20 times!!!

    love this game.

    I actually have this on both consoles now so if anyone wants a game.. and I mean anyone.

    GT: FatShady Live
    PSNID: fatshady-live

    There's something incredibly satisfying silencing those incessant 'aarrkk arrrkk' sounds. I feel a lot worse when I shoot a hawk, or a songbird.

    I like how Rockstar made the buffalo valuable, tempting players into decimating the population. Gotta say, I was guilty of that. It's an odd feeling when you shoot the last one, and you get the achievement.

    As a long time Crows supporter, I've been tempted to shoot a few of them myself this season.

    They're asking for it.

    They fly low and slow, and if you kill something they come running.

    I'd say this is because there's a mission where you literally just have to kill crows until a timer ends.

      Yeah, that one where they're stealing your grain or something.

    I have killed over 500 horses online lol

    I have a problem :p

      probably about 50 of them are mine... :p

    awww i'm missing out on all this awesome PETA action.. sucks...

    Stephen you have to shhot the buffalo for that achievement!! It's sad but you have to~

    It's not just something from Red Dead wither. Every game I've played that I can shoot something and there's birds flying around, I'll blast em, from Metroid Prime to Left 4 Dead.

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