What Is Your Favorite Square Enix Series?

A recent poll asked 3,000 people that same question in Japan. But before we get to that, let me ask you this: What's your favourite Square Enix franchise?

Here are the results to said poll:

10. Valkyrie Profile series 2.7 percent

9. Front Mission series 2.8 percent

8. Kingdom Hearts series 2.9 percent

7. Itadaki Street 3.4 percent

6. Chikyuu no Arukikata series 3.9 percent

5. Chrono series 4 percent

4. Mana series 5.7 percent

3. SaGA series 6.7 percent

2. Final Fantasy series 20.4 percent

1. Dragon Quest series 30.3 percent

Not all these games are developed by Square Enix (take, Valkyrie Profile, a tri-Ace developed game), but they are published by Square Enix. Surprised, however, that Kingdom Hearts is not higher on the list.

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are leaps and bounds in popularity over other Square Enix titles.

スクウェア・エニックスで一番好きなゲームシリーズはどれ? 3000人アンケート [ガジェット通信 via [email protected]]


    final fantasy until 10 (massive downhill after that) honestly beyond that most there games were pretty crap... maybe i have just been spoiled by well written bioware games, consistently higher quality, and they don't spend 3 months on gameplay and 4.75 years on making graphics to go with there broken game (ff13 if it wasn't retardedly obvious).

      actually... tactics was pretty fun...

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