What The Hell Is A Pinger?

"The Pinger attacks E3 2010," warns this trailer for Crytek's Crysis 2. Again I ask, what the hell is a Pinger?

Oh. That's a Pinger. It looks like a Metal Gear and a Cylon had amazing robot sex. I suppose I can get behind that. After all, the only acceptable porn these days is robot porn.

I sincerely hope that's not just me.


    ...these guys obviously aren't down with Australian drug slang. Pinger = Ecstasy tablet.

    Well, at least it did back in the day when... Oh hey, what's that over there?

    I completely forget what I was saying.

      Hello, this game is developed by Germans. Why the hell would some German developers know an aussie slang term that no one has used or heard of in like 20 years.


        I heard someone tell me he had a pinger at the footy about 2-3 years ago.

        Actually, I'm in high school and people most often refer to ecstasy as pingers, they rarely call it anything else

    Wow, robot porn, where have you been all my life.

    It's an AI robot in multiplayer. If you cross its path you are attacked with Epic Lag and it is your competitor's opportunity to make an easy kill out of you.

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