What’s On Good Game Tonight?

What’s On Good Game Tonight?

You won’t want to miss tonight’s episode of Good Game…

This week is our E3 Special!

Bajo and the team travelled to Los Angeles and spoke with over 50 developers to look at their upcoming games, to get their thoughts on 3D gaming, the 3DS, Playstation Move and Kinect (formerly known as Natal). We show over 100 games in our half hour show – even the odd exclusive!

Good Game airs 8:30pm on ABC2, live tweeted (Sydney time) with @bajopants and @hexsteph – hash tag #ggtv. You can also find all episodes for free on itunes, abc.net.au/goodgame and the ABC’s catchup service iView.

However… if you want to see the bags under Bajo’s eyes, you’ll need that sweet ABC2 definition.


  • Over 100 in half an hour…

    …well i could do that by putting together a bloody slide show on my computer…

    Erratic/compressed reporting? Count me out…

  • Sorry, can’t say I’ve watched the show since Jung was kicked. And I’m sorry to say that all my friends feel the same, and won’t start watching any time soon.

    I feel that The Dead Pixel from Machinima on YouTube gives all I could need to know now.

    • I used to enjoy Junglist’s reviews and humour on the show, but I actually like the show better now, though it hasn’t really changed all that much. I like that there is actual discussion about the games, not just the features but the irksome bits. Sometimes the humour works for me, sometimes it doesn’t but that was the same as before.

      Anyway, I can’t believe people are still on about it, it wasn’t like the presenters were going to stay the same forever.

  • who cares about e3 that was 2 weeks ago, even if we want to watch e3 vids we can watch on the net and with better interviewers and the vids will be longer

    • I’m not sure you understand how TV works. If you’re looking for absolute currency in a weekly television show, you’re looking in the wrong place.

  • Another week, another set of complaints of people who don’t understand how a TV show work and how they can’t manage to fit in 6 newly released games in the space of 1 episode.

    If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch. Don’t come to the comment box ranting about how the show’s gone so far downhill and that a TV show with personality is behind online gaming press.

    Hex isn’t even bad, honestly.

    • Don’t worry, the mods are out in force to protect GG from bad comments (my critisisms haven’t been let through).

      Apparently GG is a protected species…

      • There are always negative comments on these posts, so your claim seems somewhat unfounded. I’m sure that plenty of negative comments are being removed, but I’d say “beating a dead horse” and defamation are a more likely criteria for moderation than ‘protecting’ the show. We’ve seen plenty of both of those here and the Kotaku AU crew are more than justified in deciding enough is enough. Honestly, it’s been long enough. If you haven’t liked the show since Junglist was replaced that’s perfectly fine, but it’s time to move on. Stop wasting your time opening and commenting on these posts.

      • Apparently you haven’t been around on Kotaku for very long. Since Jung left, week after week, abuse kept being posted on these Good Game articles. David, rightfully so, got sick of it.

  • Here’s a tip – why not WATCH the show before you comment on it? I for one am looking forward to seeing what the game developers have to say.

  • Hmmm, I kinda snoozed through GG last night 😉 Didn’t see Hex at all. Was a bit miffed when Junglist left, but I am more than happy to watch Hex each week 😉 (love the pink)

  • Love the show
    its great to see
    Do you know if Tomb raider has or will be or can be played on wii

    ooohh and the name beerbottle because i get shot all the time in games i Feel like a
    …. beerbottle … all broken on the floor.

    (but there is always more beerbottles) hahahah

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