When World Of Warcraft And The Real World Come Together

Cormac Kelly has released this charming short film about everyday people and their World of Warcraft avatars, interviewing a few players while their characters stroll around in the real world.

It's only four minutes long, but in that four minutes you get to meet a number of Irish players who give honest, enjoyable stories of just why it is they play the game, and what it is they're getting out of it.

Well worth a look if you're like me and just write WoW players off as click-happy time-wasters.


    click happy time wasting NERDS

    That was neat.

    It's good to see people with a passion for this game showing a true side of their life in relation to WOW. Now i miss my Tauren Hunter :(

    I liked it. Suprisingly well made, and it's always fun to see video-games invade the real world.

    I would have liked the narration to go a bit more in depth about their experiences/issues surrounding WoW though. As it stands it seems a lot was really just description.

    Completely overlooks all the "ME > YOU" and "Learn 2 Play" arguments that plague the WoW community. Everyone constantly measuring their "e-peens" is what turned me off from the game. Oh, and the subscription price that hasn't changed since release date.

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