Who Is The Greatest Video Game Character Of All Time?

Totally subjective question, of course, but movie mag Empire decided to try and answer anyway, its writers nutting out who they thought were the greatest video game characters of all time. The winner? It wasn't Mario.

It wasn't Lara Croft, either. Or Master Chief. Or Link or Snake or even Mai Shiranui.

No, the winner in a surprisingly tasteful - and thus highly enjoyable - contest was Half-Life's Gordon Freeman. I say surprisingly because Shodan, the terrifying villain from System Shock 2, came in third, while Planescape Torment's "Nameless One" was fourth. Those are straight out of Awesome Stadium's left field.

The Empire staff compiled a list of 50, and you can read the results at the link below. Sadly, the cantankerous old "WANT SOME RYE" guy from Return to Zork didn't make the cut.

The 50 Greatest Video Game Characters [Empire]


    DUKE NUKEM! No brainer really.

    Boos Miller didn't make the cut? Outrageous.

    That picture of Mario makes me think of some Russian uber-god figure leaving destruction in his wake...

    Pretty surprised to see PacMan at 36!

    The stereotypical Italian plumber can suck it, our silent theoretical physicist is number 1!

    Lets not forget Roger Wilco!

    Jason from Heavy Rain.


    Jimmy and "Bimmy" from double dragon or perhaps cats from zero wing.

    "Want some rye? 'course ya do!"

    Loved that game.

    Why the hell does everyone like Gorden Freeman? He is a terrible character in a terrible game.

      Good to see you posting on the razor's edge again, Wolfie, my man! Everyone in the world is wrong and you are the only one who sees the truth.


    Honestly, I thought it was a terrible list. But like Luke said, it's totally subjective.

    It's a shame very few of those characters actually have "character" if you know what I mean.

    I think this needs to be split in two - "characters" and "avatars".

    Those who speak are characters, those without voice are avatars.

    i.e., Gordan Freeman = Avatar
    Sephiroth = character

    They're different kettles o' fish.

    Gordon Freeman and Mario were the last two standing in the Gamespot best character thing too, IIRC.

    Bub and Bob were.

    No, I'm sorry - but the biggest game character of all time REALLY is Mario. As a whole - the Mario series of games is the most popular series of all time - and therefore I believe that this countdown was somehow rigged.

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