Who Wants To See Booth Babes Dancing To Lady Gaga?

Excuse me, "Who wants to see costumed reps testing Dance Central for Kinect?" On the last day of E3, one of Rift's attendants joined two from The Agency - and two dudes - for a dance off.

We've called Dance Central both "Kinect's best game" and, possibly, "the most important game of E3," but it doesn't look like we're seeing particularly complex moves here. Of course, I'm not exactly critiquing the game or the dancing when I'm watching something like this.

Booth Babes Rocking to Dance Central [GameStooge]


    "Cant beat my, Cant beat my, No they can't beat my Brooklyn Rage (I don't wanna be a furry);
    Bra-Bra-Bra-Brooklyn Rage, Bra-Bra-Brooklyn Rage;
    Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh"

    This made my monday

    i would soooooo tap that

    Checkered shirt guy is a little too good...

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