Who's In The New Pokemon Movie?

Like clockwork, every summer a new Pokemon movie is released to coincide with summer vacation. The last Pokemon movie featured the vocal stylings of Akihiro Miwa, who was Yukio Mishima's lover.

The next Pokemon movie, Pocket Monsters: Genei no Hasha Zoroark, will feature voice work from Natsuki Kato. "I've done voice-over before but the roles were a human-fish creature and a sarcastic young man," says Kato. She'll be playing a female secretary to a company president.

Kato, 24, enjoys the finer things in life: video games and cosplay. She's a nerd hero!

She also enjoy playing Nintendo DS games on an R4 piracy device. Hope that doesn't cause awkward conversations with the Pokemon people!

Fellow nerd hero Shoko Nakagawa will also be lending her vocal talents to the film as will actor Takanori Jinnai. "I had been declaring war on Pikachu during the persevering 30 years of my career," joked Jinnai. "My dream has come true.'‘

Actor Jinnai, model Kato do voice-over for Pokemon film [Japan Today][Pic, Pic, Pic]


    This is a bit presumptuous, what if she was just taking advantage of one of the many great homebrew titles made possible by R4 cards? Huh? (In all seriousness there are some good ones! I often play Quake MP with my DS friends :P)

      Yay for homebrew.

      But not everyone with an r4 (or similar device) is a pirate. I own 2 of said cards and apart from homebrew i only have games i own on them (although riping them can be a bitch).

    They should've stopped at 151 pokemon

      No, they shouldn't have.

      Your move.

        you need to go back to playing pokemon alone.

    Awkward convos with Pokemon people? I think the anime has nothing to do with the game so I think she's safe.

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