Why Can't We Stop Playing Transformice?

What the hell is Transformice and why can't I stop playing it? Well, it's a multiplayer Flash-based game, in which you control a mouse and try to get cheese faster than other mouse. And it's total, hilarious chaos.

The mad scramble for cheese across dozens of maps, most of which have some bottomless pit for your mouse to plunge into, is more fun than it should be. That's in part due to the addition of players that act as Shamans, magic mice that can summon objects like crates, anvils, planks and cannonballs to help - or more often fuck with - other players.

Sometimes, you'll be given the chance to play as the Shaman, provided you can grab your portion of the cheese fast enough and return it quicker to the hidey hole than anyone else. Things often goes disastrously wrong. Simple, but devilishly addictive.

The chaos and physics-based challenge of Transformice can be better gleaned by watching this helpful tutorial.

Play Transformice now.

Meet the mouse [YouTube via Reddit]


    Been trying to ge ton for the last hour and it's just not loading. I'm thinking it got Kotaku'd.

    That looks hillarious!

    Highly addictive fun!

    My Search engine don't work :/

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