Why Sony's Sorcery Moved Us

Shown exclusively during the Sony E3 2010 press conference, SCEA's Sorcery made enough of an impression on us to score a Best of E3 nomination for Best New Game. How'd that happen?

Your PlayStation Move controller is a magic wand.

OK, you might need a more in-depth explanation.

Your PlayStation Move is a freaking sweet magic wand.

Sorcery, developed by The Workshop, places you in the shoes of a young sorcerer's apprentice. The Nightmare Queen has broken her pact with the humans and threatens to plunge the land into eternal darkness, which the humans really should have seen coming. Forging a pact with someone called the Nightmare Queen always ends in tears.

Anyway, your young apprentice takes up a magic wand and sets off into the Faerie Kingdoms to set things right.

The story is pretty generic, but the action isn't.

With so many Move titles seeming like prettier copies of Wii games, Sorcery is our first look at something fun and innovative that takes full advantage of the PlayStation Move's capabilities. The Move acts as your wand, the characters arm movements following yours precisely.

You've got an arsenal of twelve upgradeable spells at your disposal, but the real fun comes when you start mixing them together. During the press conference demonstration, the producer for the game drew a line to cast a Wall of Fire spell. Then a spiral motion brought forth a whirlwind. Sending the whirlwind through the fire resulted in a spinning firestorm that completely decimated the poor, innocent goblins advancing on the main character, doubtlessly looking for hugs.

The game also contains alchemy, with the Move globe changing colour to indicate potions are ready to drink.

It seems like the sort of simple little game that should have been produced on the Wii years ago, but hasn't been. It's the kind of game that proves that while the Move technology is somewhat similar to the Wii remote, there is still plenty of ground that Wii developers have yet to cover.

Plus, your PlayStation Move is a totally kick-arse wand.


    This game didn't do it for me. Nice concept but no way it is worth a Best of E3 Nomination.
    Graphics looked average and gameplay looked very simple.

    While watching the Press conference I was confused why the audience were cheering like crazy over sub par special effects of the spells in the game.
    I then found out Sony actually hired people to sit in the audience and make fake cheers and applauses.
    Shame on you Sony. This is just as bad as MS hiring actors to "play" Kinnect.

      Re Sony hiring actors (first I heard of that). I can't blame them after the MS press confrence - after some announcments all you could hear in the crowd was the crickets chirping...

        Rumour has it that MS hired the crickets to chirp, just to fill the silence.

        It was mentioned on one of the GameTrailers.com videos. Can't remember which one.

        Makes sense. Like seriously, mixing a fire spell with whirlwind spell and you get a firestorm. Big whoop-dee-doo! But the audience go crazy when they see it. That's not new gameplay mechanic.
        If there was a E3 back in the 8-bit era and they showed this gmaeplay then yes, I would go crazy, but not on a 7th Gen Console.

          I had a game on the Mega Drive which involved finding magic elemental rings, and by mixing rings you could get different effects.

          I beleive it was called Jewel Master.

          You could put 2 rings on each hand and by mixing you got different combinations.

    - I haven't seen it in that much much detail, but the moves look just like substitute button presses, First the player has to select the tornado spell, then do the motion to activate it. The only thing that seemed special is that you could use the fire spell too different ways (throw or wall of flame).

    Having said that, it looks like a great idea for a game and lots of fun (if it's as deep as Zelda and not just some third-person-spellcaster), but I think it would have been just as much fun on the dualshock.

    I found its a great game for showing what the move can do, although more could have been done/perfected it is a great start.

    I did find it a bit corny that people applauded about the transmutation, and spell combination, that was far from special/unique.

    Still it was way better than the starwars game(still in production I should add) on the kinect.

    Just shows that in some/most cases for good game play you will still need a controller.
    Maybe they'll bring out something similar to the move, maybe something that doesnt look so ridiculous.

    Sounds interesting, but i don't wanna be spinning my arms and wrist all the time, i'll develop arthritis soon enough.
    Hopefully developers take advantage of the buttons and even it out so its as if you are playing with a controller but its a bit better than using SIXAXIS and the motion part of using spells and your wand is less minimal than what I can imagine it to be.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard an older Harry Potter game let you use the controller like a wand and you had to wave it about in certain patterns to cast spells. Isn't this basically the same thing in essence?

    Yeah Harry potter and the order of the phoenix was somewhat decent, I bet this is more accurate, it also looks more dynamic. Keen for Sorcery! :D

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