Wii Games Included In Sex Toy, Lingerie Spending Spree

Go ahead, make Wii dick jokes.

Cynthia Low, 44, has resigned from her position as a financial assistant at the Oklahoma State University's chemistry department after using a university, tax-payer-funded credit card to purchase lingerie, sex toys and a Nintendo Wii. According to records, she spent tens of thousands of dollars on these items. An exact total has yet to be determined.

Since 2003, Low had been using her university credit card to buy office and lab supplies that totalled over $US10,000, reports NewsOK.com. While her salary was approximately $US28,000 a year when she resigned, Low spent $US806,000 on her university credit card.

According to NewsOK.com, most of her spending was legitimate until summer 2009 when she began making questionable purchases via Amazon.com. Those include spending $US2300 on sexy toys and lingerie, another $US1500 for 50 pieces of lingerie, $US756 on over 30 panties and slips, $US530 on "lip plumper" and make-up, $US311 on fragrances and lotions from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works, $US148 on sapphire and costume jewellery and $US284 on Nintendo Wii games and DVDS.

Records show that questionable purchases did appear prior to 2009.

In June 2008, Low and her husband filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008, being $US158,732 in debt with over $US18,000 of that debt to credit card companies. NewsOK.com reports that many of these non-approved purchases began appearing on the university credit card just as she and her husband were coming out of bankruptcy.

University officials are now holding training sessions so that employees don't, you know, use their Oklahoma State University to buy unapproved items. How about have a training session so OSU can detect when chemistry lab employees are buying g-strings, dildos and Wii games?

Lingerie, sex toys bought by ex-Oklahoma State University employee [NewsOK.com via GoNintendo][Pic]


    Everyone buys their Wii games along with sexy time accessories!

    This lady is just smart enough to make sure someone else is paying...

    ...whats that??

    ...not everyone buys that stuff with their wii games???.... MOST people don't??...



    Here's a good idea: buy sex toys and video games on a company credit card. Nobody will ever know!

    Also: sorry to be a pedant, but lingerie doesn't change as a plural. It drove me mad reading that.

    just buy 2 wiimotes. when they have the wii motion plus attachment on them they're quite alot like dildos. so one for playing the wii and one for.... ummm... 'playing'.

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