Will Fable III Have Fable II's Money Exploit?

In Fable II, lazy players like me (hello!) could use a loophole in the game to do something very important: earn lots of in-game cash quick.

By setting the Xbox 360's clock forward and then starting the game, Fable II would be fooled into giving players all the money have were supposed to have earned each day. Thus, setting your Xbox 360's clock to, say, January 1, 2050 could bring some serious in-game moolah to use to buy property, furniture and fancy new threads.

Otherwise players would have to spend their time in the game chopping wood or going on side quests to build up their bank accounts. Time sinks! Why go on a side quest when you could be picking out a new cupboard?

I love the fact that Fable II has a loophole. Life has loopholes — and it actually seems, in a funny way, incredibly realistic. This isn't a cheat, which would be breaking the rules completely. If you know how to work the system, then you should, by all means, do just that.

When I saw Peter Molyneux at some E3 event, I quickly asked him if this exploit would be returning for Fable III. I told him that it was a necessary loophole for players like me who want to amass vast wealth to buy neat things in the game! Like, I actually think the loophole made the game far more enjoyable to me.

Molyneux told me that there were some who wanted to take the exploit out of Fable III. "I've been campaigning to keep it in," Molynexu added. Hope he wins.


    Having large ammounts of money really made the game a lot more fun for me so I hope it gets kept in.

      Having money didn't really do anything for me. I bought a handful of weapons and some clothing/accessories and that was it. I earnt it all legitimately as well which usually would make it mean more, but there wasn't anything really worth buying.
      I don't really care whether they leave it in or not. It's a single player game so what someone else does to get tons of money doesn't affect me.

    In a single-player game, that sort of thing hurts nobody but the person doing it. Why take it out?

    I pine for the days where you could just bring up the in-game console with '~' and type "god" :-)

    Yeah, it seemed like a conscious decision in the first place to have such a gaping hole in their money system... I actually discovered it myself, and I did it thinking they'd never make it that easy to get so much money, but sure enough, they did. But I remember Molyneux also saying something similar about the online co op of Fable 2, in that a really high level character could team up with a newbie in their world and wreak all sorts of havoc, and it'd be completely the responsibility of the player whether or not they wanted to take unfair advantage of it. I think it's a bit like that, and I'm all for leaving it in there... not that I *need* it :p

      yeah but you have to remember that the host player had the choice as to whether or not the other players actions count (ie the other player can't murder civilians)

    "Molynexu" sounds like an awesome name to use in quake or something.

    Even without the exploit, it's so easy to make money in the game. You must be REALLY lazy. :p

    Hopefully they'll put the whole supply and demand thing from the first Fable back in.

    There's a merchant in the first town who, if your mercantile skill is 3 or more, sells potions cheap (lower than cost) if he has a lot of them. So you buy his entire stock and now he doesn't have any potions, so he'll buy potions off you for above cost. And now he has bulk potions again, he'll sell all of them to you at below cost. You turn a pretty good profit after about 10 minutes of buying and selling.

      That was an awesome thing to do, also when you steal everything off the shelves, then sell him the items - the shelves are now covered in the items, free to be stolen so you can get even more

    Why even bother with an exploit? Why even bother with ingame currency? Why not just make all the items free? While you're at it, why stop at just purchasable goods, they should allow you to start the game with a fully levelled character, that has already completed all the quests. That way you wouldn't even have to play the thing, because you've already won. You put the disc in and automatically get given 1000 achievement points and a picture of Molyneux telling you that you're awesome.


      Because earning money was incredibly tedious and not at all fun and some people don't have all day to sit around poring beers so that they can afford fake stuff in a game?

    It was fairly easy enough to be rolling in cash without exploits in Fable II.

    I liked the exploit...I played the game initially without it -- going into the Crucible with rusty swords etc...sucked.
    My next character enjoyed having money; buying potions and better weapons ruled!

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