WIN! Demon's Souls PS3 Black Phantom Edition

There are few games as brutally demanding as From Software's Demon's Souls, the PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG out this week. Which is why you'll really earn it if you manage to win a copy.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed. A new draw opens Wednesday 11am.

Thanks to Namco Bandai, we have FIVE copies of Demon's Souls on PS3 to give away this week. All five are Black Phantom Editions, too, containing the game, the CD soundtrack, a hardcover artbook and a strategy guide. We're giving away one each day this week.

So how do you win?

Demon's Souls takes an unusual approach to online play. You can use stones to jump into the games of other players to both help them and harass them. Players can also leave messages - advice, warnings, poetry and gibberish - etched into the game world for others to read.

We want you to write a message for your fellow competition entrants to read. Leave your message in the comments below by midnight tonight to be in the running to win. The wittiest and most creative messages will win.

As usual, no multiple entries please. But if you don't win today, you can always enter tomorrow's draw with a brand new message.

And Monday's winner is... poohbum, whose message read: "You will be doing this again tomorrow."

Which is just about the most perfect Kotaku competition entry I've seen in my entire time working here.

Shouts out to Stevorooni, chickenfriedsteak, Mitch, Derp Derpington, Stone, Zac, Vekst E, Thomas Lee, Vanguard, Nematic, Sov, Finaly Downes and, er... DavidWildgoose. So many good entries!

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    You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

    Is this a rhetorical question?

    10 bucks says you don't make it around the next corner alive, at least the first few times!

    not related to this competition:

    when will the peace walker winners be announced, I'd like to see those photos

    thanks :)

    Bash head here.

    These are not the Demon's Souls you are looking for.

    enter tomorrow so i can win today

    Warning: Rejection and sadness ahead.

    Yes, it does feel good to win.


    Oh look at the pretty Subway© ad, wouldn't you prefer one of their tasty sandwiches instead?

    Look up what "riposte" means before proceeding...I know I did.

    Try not to drop a soap bar here...

    Boom Shakalaka! He's on fire! (based on screen-shot)

    Now just press ALT-F4 to submit your entry.

    The only thing more punishing than Demon Souls is the wild goose chase to actually win it on Kotaku_AU.

    If the red river flows, take the dirt track instead

      I see what you did there :D

    Worst, message, ever!

    this is not the competition you are looking for

    Look! A distraction.

    "While you were killing that dragon and slept with your wife"

    Maybe you should of tried a limerick.

    See, dealing with demons is easy. All you have to do is

    "Nice fight oh by the way, I just slept with your wife"

      Don't you see? Each message is a soul thrown in the cauldron of demons. Save yourself, do not enter.
      As my sacrifice, I will take away your temptation by banishing the demonic device.

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