WIN! Demon's Souls PS3 Black Phantom Edition

There are few games as brutally demanding as From Software's Demon's Souls, the PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG out this week. Which is why you'll really earn it if you manage to win a copy.

Thanks to Namco Bandai, we have FIVE copies of Demon's Souls on PS3 to give away this week. All five are Black Phantom Editions, too, containing the game, the CD soundtrack, a hardcover artbook and a strategy guide. We're giving away one each day this week. And this being Friday is your final chance to win.

So how do you win?

Demon's Souls takes an unusual approach to online play. You can use stones to jump into the games of other players to both help them and harass them. Players can also leave messages - advice, warnings, poetry and gibberish - etched into the game world for others to read.

We want you to write a message for your fellow competition entrants to read. Leave your message in the comments below by midnight tonight to be in the running to win. The wittiest and most creative messages will win.

As usual, no multiple entries please. And remember, this is your last chance to win!

And Thursday's winner is... thistler, who tickled my punny bone with:

"Wanted: Brave cobbler for shoeing Demon's Soles."

Shouts out to Clintoon, Marty Luther, Loleon and Thomas Lee. So close!

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    Awesome! Thanks a bunch! :)

      and today's entry just for fun:

      "That demon's eating her! And now it's going to eat me! OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooood!"

    If you don't win today, you will have to buy.

    LOOOOOOPY, LOOOOOOOOOOOOPY!!! As my sidekick, my partner in.. er partnering, my trusted steed, PLEASE respond with an awesome good comment to maketh me thy champ!!!1!3

    I bet the bludger wont even read this as he STILL hasn't bought a PS3... *sulks*

      Loops has left me saggy and hanging :(
      I has a face sad

    "Boletaria's latest hit music sensation have just released their latest album, Demons Soul. Featuring covers of some amazing, and fantastically appropriate music"
    "Featuring covers of such greats as "Oops I Did It Again" "Hit That Demon One More Time" and "Soul Sister", they'll be capturing your soul in no time!"

    Wanted: Flux capacitor and De Lorean. Need to gun it to 88 and travel back to Monday to steal poohblums winning entry

    I like Demon's Souls because of its "grittiness"; which is like enjoying authentic Central American water for the dysentery.

    If you wanna fight, don't flee.
    And don't you hack, hack, hack, hack.
    Just call me up at 555-S-O-U-L

    Are Souls troubling you? Piles of Demons just itching to be killed? Use "A-Soul-Aid" for fast, effective relief every time!

    It's the last chance to win Demon's souls, soul-ja on.

    Turn back, you've wasted your time. Its Demon's Souls not Holes...

    _____ _____
    E | ____/ O /
    ___ | / __/
    | | _/ __/
    | | |[] __/
    | | \__/
    | |______
    | \ LEGEND David Wildgoose - O
    | __ \ Dungeon Entrance - E
    | | |_ \ Teleporter - []
    | | \ \ Monster - M
    | | \ \ Fire Pit - {}
    | | \ \ Treasure Chest - T
    |T{}| \ \
    |___| \ M[]\

    Yes... David is a legend =D
    You gotta try everything, right?

      Didnt turn out hahahaha

    Lock up your geckos, they like shiny things.

    To advertise here contact 'David Wildgoose' on +61 2 9947 2920!

    *I hope you split the commission on this!?!

    Hero one "what are you putting those shoes on for?"
    Hero two "so i can run fast"
    Hero one "you won't out run a demon with them"
    Hero two "i don't have to, just as long as i run faster than you"

    You'll win this fight. Just spam magic.


    You're so screwed.

    Your souls will be safe with me – for three easy payments of – this game is too hard – this game is unfair – #%@!% – plus freight

    A problem has been detected and your central nervous system has been shut down to prevent damage to your soul.

    The problem seems to be caused by the following file: SPCMDMON.SLS


    If this is the first time you've seen this game over screen, restart your character. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Check to make sure any new armour or spells are properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your armour or spell manufacturer for any skill updates you might need.

    If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed armour or spells. Disable BODY memory options such as remorse or optimism. If you need to use Phantom Mode to remove or disable dismemberment, restart your character, press X to select Black Eye Stone Options, and then select Phantom Mode.

    Technical information:

    *** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFD3094c2, 0x00000001, 0xFBFE7617, 0x0000000)

    *** SPCDMON.SLS - Carcass FBFE7617 base at FBFE5000, DateStamp 3d6dd67c

    Beginning dump of physical body.
    Physical body dump complete.
    Contact your soul administrator or emotional support group for further assistance.

    A message clearly written prior to this week:
    " the cost of an imported Demon's Souls?"

    Scrawled underneath:
    "What do you mean? An American or Japanese import?"

    1. I am sometimes thought of as a lizard or even a snake
    2. I am said to have a "firey" personality
    3. In certain cultures i've taught humans how to speak
    4. In a famous film I my voice was that of the great Sir Sean Connery
    5. Greeks would say I'm δρακων
    6. In a BBC series I've helped and passed wisdom on to a certain famous wizard
    7. My skin is said to be stronger than any iron or steel
    8. My domain is from the sky to the ground
    9. My home is that of a cave
    10. My name is also found in a certain bioware game
    11. A family member of mine was slain by Cadmus in Greece
    12. I lay eggs
    13. Chinese use us in a festival
    14. I've been known to guard great treasures
    15. My blood is said to be magical
    16. Some would relate me to "Greed"
    17. Armies would fall to me, trying to achieve the greatest honor of trying to slay me
    18. Villages would often leave maidens outside my home to please me
    19. Everywhere would know as symbol of "evil" but in china we're known to be "beneficent"
    20. To slay me one would aim for my stomach

    What am I?

    If you work that out you know what lies ahead good luck!!!

    Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

    Yo Demon's Souls are so hard they fulfil one of my secret fetishes


    For Sale: 999,999,999 unwanted souls. Willing to trade for my life and sanity back.

    Invade my world, I dare you, I could use the souls.

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