WIN! Demon's Souls PS3 Black Phantom Edition

There are few games as brutally demanding as From Software's Demon's Souls, the PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG out this week. Which is why you'll really earn it if you manage to win a copy.

Thanks to Namco Bandai, we have FIVE copies of Demon's Souls on PS3 to give away this week. All five are Black Phantom Editions, too, containing the game, the CD soundtrack, a hardcover artbook and a strategy guide. We're giving away one each day this week. And this being Friday is your final chance to win.

So how do you win?

Demon's Souls takes an unusual approach to online play. You can use stones to jump into the games of other players to both help them and harass them. Players can also leave messages - advice, warnings, poetry and gibberish - etched into the game world for others to read.

We want you to write a message for your fellow competition entrants to read. Leave your message in the comments below by midnight tonight to be in the running to win. The wittiest and most creative messages will win.

As usual, no multiple entries please. And remember, this is your last chance to win!

And Thursday's winner is... thistler, who tickled my punny bone with:

"Wanted: Brave cobbler for shoeing Demon's Soles."

Shouts out to Clintoon, Marty Luther, Loleon and Thomas Lee. So close!

[Terms and Conditions]


    Come one! Come all!
    BBQ in Hell's Kitchen this weekend!
    Vegetarians not welcome! You don't make friends with salad!
    Sausages and various innards provided in limited quantities!
    Bring your own Rissouls!
    Free amusements for the kids! Killrides and deathrow-alley games! Take your pick (then jam it in someones back!)
    Lucky door prize! Win an all expenses paid funeral!
    See you in Hell! BE THERE!

    You’ve been at this for four days, and the closest you’ve manage is an honourable mention, most likely not even that. You still have two games to finish and let’s not even talk about your pile of shame. Your boss keeps walking past and you’re looking more and more nervous with each anxious non-imaginative thought. Its game time buddy, I’m in your head, mimicking you in my mind.

    Sit this one out, Junior you don’t have the Stones, and just watch the big boys play!

    Surrender my brothers. In the end none of you will be able to lay your hands on the Demon's Souls. Only the master of this domain can choose the worthy warriors. And he prefers warriors who are able to tickle his funny bones with wanted requests or ridiculously long riddle.

    You may think you have what it takes... However I will prove today, that I will be the last person to retrieve this prestigious prize.

    "How?", you ask? Simple. Because I am his father.

    Boletaria, ruled by a King,
    Greed for power, he did a dumb thing,
    Awakened the Old One,
    The Fog doomed everyone,
    Those who live are Demon's Souldiering.

    Hello, world.

    If you look on the demon souls map, and see David Wildgoose at the top of the Legend.
    It isnt the list of map legends.
    David IS the legend on the map =D

    Help, I need somebody
    Help, to reunite my soul with my body
    Help, before the Demon's come

    "And you thought the War In Iraq was bad..."

    What do you get if you put a lid on a soul?

    Metal gear Soul-id

    That's it, enough is enough! I have had it with these motha ****en demons in this motha ****en kingdom!

    Why am I writing his note when I'm about to get eaten by a Demon? Shouldn't I be running away or fighting it? 'Tis the paradox of the video game hero.

    Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for using your puns to enter the Kingdom of Boletaria.

    I get paid $5 for every person who dies because they were too busy reading this to notice what was sneaking up on them.


    Vader is Lukes father!!!

      (I decided to go with the Star Wars spoiler - 'cause everyone should have seen it, instead of the Lost spoiler)

      I did that a couple of days ago... sorry.

    ATTN HEROES: Beware James Brown and his "Famous Flames", they possess incredibly high levels of soul. Also, feigns defeat by being covered by cape, then returns with a vengeance. The "Percy Sledge" large hammer will greatly assist in this battle.

    I Souled my Soul to a Demon on the Black Phantom market and all I got was this lousy artbook...

    Do not stop to read this message or you wi.... ERGHHHHH!

    i found waldo, he's inside the demon...

    This sign is awaiting moderation.

    I will personally cook a sumptuous 3-course meal for anyone who won/wins one of these and gives it to me.

    For the last four days my life did revolve,
    around winning a new copy of Demon's Souls.

    Day after day I avoided the path true and tried,
    but I was always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    And all over the office I was getting plenty of lols,
    but it was never enough to touch Wildgoose's (demon's) Soul.

    But lo and behold I see to my chagrin,
    that one of my puns had given another the win.

    So a message to you all as you try climb the impossible steeple,
    Puns don't kill people, people kill people.



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