WIN! Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP, Walkman & Game

Want to get your hands on Snake's latest outing, plus that ultra-exclusive Metal Gear Walkman and a PlayStation Portable? Mission details inside.

Thanks to Konami, one Kotaku reader will win a Peace Walker pack containing: a PlayStation Portable, the limited edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Sony W Series Walkman (seen here), and a copy of the PSP game.

And three runners-up will each win a copy of the PSP game.

All you have to do is get stealthy.

We want you to send us a photo of yourself being as stealthy as possible. What does that mean? I'll leave it up to you to interpret however you wish.

The wittiest, cleverest and most imaginative entries will win. As usual, your photo can feature some Photoshopping, but not too much. And it must include the Kotaku logo somewhere in the pic - and that cannot be Photoshopped, I'm afraid.

Send your stealth snap to the usual address by midnight Sunday, June 20, to be in the running. No multiple entries, please.

Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    As one of the very few people to actually still use his psp around here, i'll certainly be giving this a shot.... even though the only metal gear games i have played were the original on NES and Metal Gear Ac!d... lol

    That's an amazing prize.

    But as I have exams, suck at photo comps and intend to buy that walkman anyway whenever possible, I'll sit this one out.

    Good luck to all who enter!

    i am a pro at mgs, give it to me and ill be the first to clock it

    I want to enter this, I've got some good ideas, just need to work out a way to take a photo of myself on my own...

      use the timer setting - that's what i've done a few times

      Well, stealthily. Duh.

    Psp 3000? I really hope so...

    Sorry, probably as thick as two short planks here... but what does it mean when you say the logo cannot be Photoshopped?

    Does that mean I need to print it out and stick it to a wall for the photo, or it just has to look like it's part of the environment (i.e. photoshopped, but photoshopped WELL)?

      The former. See some of our recent photo comps for examples.

    There have only been a few times where I saw a competition on Kotaku and thought 'I really... REALLY want to win'. This is one of those times.

    Sendin mine over now.

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