Windows Phone 7 Coming In October?

According to this video of a Microsoft Live Labs presentation of Windows Phone 7 at Cannes Lions 2010, Windows Phone 7 will be coming this October. Listen yourself, the month slips out around the :16 mark. [Thanks, Gary!]


    Ahaha, what a dismal video conference.
    "Our marketplace isn't..umm..up yet..and we haven't made a phone, so here's a samsung.."

    So their apps are "panoramic" advertisements....awesome, can't wait to use it.

      So Microsoft go to an advertising convention and show the advertising potential for their new OS, and you dismiss it as a complete ad infested OS? No.

      Also, what does hardware matter? Microsoft are not a Phone company, they are a software company. That Samsung looks like it is running extremely well with the OS.

      It's a conference for advertisers, Not for developers. And why would MSFT have their own hardware when they're not a hardware manufacture.

        Pretty sure the Microsoft Kin One and Two prove you wrong there.

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