Would You Like To See The Nintendo 3DS's Cartridge?

Nintendo isn't only rolling out a new successor to the Nintendo DS platform, it is also rolling out something else:

A successor to the Nintendo DS's cartridge. The Nintendo 3DS cartridge sports a 2GB capacity.

While piracy is a problem for the Nintendo DS, there has been speculation than the new 3DS carts will help lock out pirates. Below is a look at the Nintendo 3DS's slots, which were covered up in the demo units Nintendo showed after its press conference at the Los Angeles E3 gaming expo.

洋ゲーの主人公に坊主頭が多い不思議 ほか [はちま起稿]


    Anyone willing to take bets on how long it takes for pirates to crack the anti piracy software?
    i betting a week for the experts and then new r4 carts within a month

      i would say at least a month.

      I don't know, they are still having a LOT of trouble with DSi games (not running DS games on a DSi, but running pirated games that take full advantage of the DSi's features, cameras storage ect). Also, as far as I am aware of DSiware has yet to be cracked.

      Nintendo made a lot of huge mistakes with the original DS and the Wii, creating massive loopholes that were very easy for pirates to exploit, but the DSi has shown that they are now playing 'for serious'.

        My one concern is the lack of homebrew. Unfortunately, higher piracy measures means that homebrew is just as hard to make, which is a shame because the DS and Wii have one of the best homebrew scenes of any console

          thing is tho most pirates wont care about the extra DSi features DSi ware not being cracked might be an issue but so far i havent seen anything on there that id actually want to pay for so its not so much an issue imo(plus its my brothers DSi) ill just stick with my trusty dslite that seems to lose another 10min of battery life each week :P

    I was not expecting it to look like this.

    Being completley new tech I'm guessing it'll take months for pirates to crack this, if at all. The thing seems to be much more internet friendly, so it might be hard for pirates to dodge firmware updates to stop them hacking.

    I think you are disregarding the fact that the underpaid Chinese and Taiwanese workers in the factories will happily, physically steal bits and peices and sell them to their pirate buddies.

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