WTF: Boba Fett Plays Zelda on Accordion

Forget Skyward Swords: this is the most amazing piece of Zelda-related content you will see all week.

It is as the headline says: a dude (sorf of) dressed as Boba Fett, playing The Legend of Zelda theme on accordion. Why? Who knows. This world is a strange and mysterious place, friends.

Now if only we could convince Darth Vader to play Metroid on a church organ...


    Wow... Now thats as random as they come.

    i've seen one of the excat same dude playing in a subway.
    can't remember where i saw it though

      You would have seen him right here:

    Is it me or does Jung have the same watch.......

    Forget Skyward Swords indeed. That guy is fracking awesome!

    Love how his helmet is a dodgy papier-mache construction.


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