XCOM Screens Are Dripping With Goo

Whatever stage of grief "acceptance" is, that's where I'm at regarding the new XCOM game. So it's with acceptance that I can appreciate the good things in these new screenshots of the game.

Like the alien design. So many games like to throw monsters at you, things with fangs and arms and legs, that it's often easy to forget the most terrifying things on earth can be those most alien. And abstract shapes are about as alien as it gets.


    i love 50s architecture and fashion so im very excited over this game

    I don't get over my grief so easily. And in any case, what I feel here isn't grief, it's RAGE!

    This is STILL not XCOM. And honestly, while I like 'alien geometries' as a source of horror, this game still fails to interest me on its own merits.

    Can't say I'm particularly excited for this title. Plus as an oldie I'm obliged to be loyal to the original :P

    But I *do* like the artistic direction in this game. It's a little quirky, and quite consistent.

    I honestly don't understand why they use the X-Com name for this game? It's like a Need for Speed Platform game.

    you've got to admire the act direction though.


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