Yes, Even The New Xbox 360 Can Overheat

I guess even all of those sexy, sexy vents don't completely put a stop to the Xbox 360 overheating.

[Thanks Akuji]


    I wouldn't say thats overheating, I'd say thats close to RRoD'ing :|
    Doesn't the new Xbox 360 have no red lights on it?

      it has a red eye of death ala HAL

    I don't know if that's an overheating problem or not but mate....... That's not a good setup, wedged between consoles and thus no significant ventilation. You're just asking for overheating console/s. Sadly, these consoles are not like 8-bit~64-bit consoles.

      I've never had a 360 mainly due to the build quality problems. I refuse to support a broken product, I was hoping the 360S might resolve that, and while this video looks more like a video ram problem, I'm taking my time before buy a 360S too.

      As for ventilation, as you trying to say that 3 inches either side of the console isn't enough to keep it cool. If so that's rediculous, how are you supposed to incorporate this console into your entertainment unit. Does it need it's own shrine on a podium?

        Like I said, I don't know if it's a overheating problem or not but sadly they're not like previous generation consoles. They're like PCs stuffed in a bad confinement (chasis), I can tell that the Xbox 360 and Ps3 have problems with ventilation. Both of those heat up my bedroom in the summer. I play the xbox for a tad more than an hour, check the temperature of the console and find out that just the inside of it is 40 degrees C. Now I don't blame you if you refuse to buy a defective product, but you wouldn't be doing something like that knowing that it is.

    i agree completely with MasterCyl, to me that looks nothing like a overheating problem.

    and it looks like it would be getting enough ventilation so i would assume its a hardware issue.

    agreed, i've never seen a 360 still running whilst in RROD mode (cept the the towel trick). How can kotaku report on youtube video's that seem sketchy? This looks just like the issue my friend had before his video card in his old elite died, which again had nothing to do with overheating.

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