Yes, There Are Other Zelda Weddings

A fellow in Sweden recently got married. "Naturally I wanted something special for the wedding march," he writes, "and to surprise the guests it starts with the classic piece by Wagner but then goes over to Zelda."

His wife got a little nervous, thinking that the classic music should have faded out sooner. "While we proceeded to the altar, we thought that they played it all wrong and that the organist had forgotten about Zelda. You can se how relieved I am when the classic Zelda theme starts."

Not as balls out Zelda as The Legend of Zelda wedding, but who says weddings need to be balls out?

A Wedding March, Zelda-Style [Hawty McBloggy]


    Put a smile on my face.

    Any wedding where the groom shows up looking like a Vampire, you can tell it's going to be 'interesting'. Now where are the Juggalos

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