You'll Heart This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkman

You've seen the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker walkman. Now, you can get your hands on one of just fifty limited edition "Peace Walkman" bundles Konami and Sony are releasing in Australia.

For $129, you'll get the limited edition W Series Walkman and the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game on PSP. There are only fifty of them for sale in Australia and they'll only be available for purchase via the Sony Style website.

The "Peace Walkman" comes preloaded with six songs off the game's soundtrack and a code to unlock extra characters within the game.

Let's take a closer look.


    Already pre-order one......


        The link's in the post.

          And then once you visit the link, you pre-order how, exactly?

            You click on through but there's no option to pre-order... that's what he means

              Precisely. I have a sinking feeling it's probably pre-sold out already. D:

                hey there,
                sale went online @ 9ish today.
                there was no presale.

                I logged in at 10 and got 1.

                get online now if you want to get one.

                Might be sold out by now though.

      From Sony Australia? Or overseas?

    OKay, I'm a little lost.

    Is it bluetooth and connects to the PSP Go or is it just a promotional fluff peice that is essentially a limited MP3 player?

      It's a Sony W Series MP3 Walkman. More info is on the Sony website.

    That is a complete rip off, $129 for only 2GB and no expandable memory option. Who the hell travels around with only 2GB worth of songs these days, i have a whole 1TB of music everywhere i go. Also 32GB on USB stick as well.

      You also get a $70 game.

      First you flood your game with product placement, and then you complain about it going the other way?

      You confuse me, Hideo...

      (Also, you don't need to make Metal Gear games anymore)

    I think 2GB is enough for this type of MP3 player... I'll try and get one and will be using it at the gym...

    My gym music is usually the same... just a lot of G Up music like Eye Of The Tiger and stuff like that :-) HAHAHAHHA.

    anyways... 2GB is acceptable but the whole quick charge (3mins for 90 mins of power) thing is what will get my $$$.

    SO is this sold out? Me want!! :(

    Only 50 available? And sold out already?

    Gee, thanks Sony.

    I think everyone is forgetting that this walkman comes with the game and as such, this package won't come out until the game does...

    Hey Dutch & Blunt

    I called Sony and they told me that the Walkman goes on sale the same day that the game is launched which is supposedly 17.06.2010...

    Hopefully no delays with the game launch...

    Can't wait to try out both!

    If someone finds out what time they are putting it up online, can you please post so I can login to buy?


    Yeah... I would certainly be interested in this... if the game wasn't apart of the deal then I wouldn't drop $129 on it...

    I'd rather we got the Big Boss Bundle instead :(

    Hey all...

    I just heard that this sale goes live around 9am tomorrow (June 17).

    Set yourselves a reminder if you wanna get this thing.

    Hi All,

    Heads up - The Product is FINALLY available. It seems i'm one of the lucky 50 to get one :)


    There still seems to be some available. =]
    Got mine just then.

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