Your First Look At FIFA 11

EA Sports is a little late showing off this year's FIFA football title. Must have been World Cup fever keeping them busy.

This gallery shows... well, not much! Old kits are on display, and the static images don't really give you much of an idea on any tweaks or improvements made to the gameplay.

Those promised tweaks include, among other things, "personality" for each player (big players will run over others, lazy strikers will jog back to defend, etc), extra options for passing (including a new manual passing move). Goalkeepers have also thankfully been toned down from their superhuman efforts in FIFA 10.

It's a shame that having given the world one of the best sports games ever made last year (360-degree dribbling was a revolution), FIFA would revert to tiny bullet-point improvements this time around. Then again, you can't reinvent the wheel every year!


    If EA fix the defence bugs, overall AI for non selected players, and online experience, Fifa11 will go a long way to building on the revolution that was this year's title. If not, then it's just another money grab.

    They should be able to fix the minor stuff of which there is a lot.

    The manager mode has so many bugs,

    assistant coach is terrible (players in wrong positions)

    injuries are always 1 week

    starting as a 1/2 or 1 star team in the bottom leagues you cannot trade for players the other teams they always think the transfer fee is too low

    when loading a saved game your set team lineup and player roles are changed

    so many more that i can't think of off the top of my head but they mostly can be fixed with easy small patches that never come.

    i noticed that the fifa boots are always a bit out of date why cant they just download the new ones...

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