Your First Look At The Battlestar Galactica Game

We're pretending the last Battlestar game didn't exist. We are also, sadly, trying to pretend this web-based MMO is actually a space shooter that looks as good as this trailer.

Developers Bigpoint have certainly nailed the look and sound of the show with all that shaky-cam and views from a Viper's gun barrels, but it would have been nice to show us what the actual game looked like. Because it's sure as hell not going to look like this.


    oh man, I wait for the day when games will look like and play like this. I really, really want a BSG game that doesn't suck.

    Dayum. It looks better than the actual series.

    As stated though, it probably won't be anything like that :<

    A man can always dream...

    I can't see it living up to the video. Just go play the boardgame. It has all the paranoia of the series as you try and work out who among you is the traitor(s) and survive until the end.

    I've played the closed beta, and the controls FUCKING SUCK! Hopefully they'll REVAMP the entire system (including adding the ability to JUMP), but I highly doubt it. At it's current state, I promise that this game will be a complete failure.

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