Your First Look At The Nintendo 3DS

Direct from our Nintendo E3 press conference liveblog, here are the first images of the Nintendo 3DS. Isn't it pretty?


    That chinese mockup wasnt far off the mark. Looks... interesting. Kept to the basic DS design, which is good. Im liking the simplicity.

      Keeping to a "Win" design is quite smart - arguably like PS3 Controllers. However, I would prefer some ergonomic implements - I used to get numb thumbs after a while due to the positioning of the pad + digital buttons.

    Ah excellent, a 3D depth slider, so if my pessimism about 3D is correct you can at least turn it off :)

    I guess 'if it aint broke...', although the power button looks strangely out of place :P

    Still, whatever happened to "the division between the screens will be negligible"?

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