Your Last Demon's Souls Winner

All last week we were giving away copies of Demon's Souls. Today we've got one more winner to reveal.

And that winner is Thomas Lee. His message on Friday read:

For the last four days my life did revolve, around winning a new copy of Demon's Souls.

Day after day I avoided the path true and tried, but I was always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

And all over the office I was getting plenty of lols, but it was never enough to touch Wildgoose's (demon's) Soul.

But lo and behold I see to my chagrin, that one of my puns had given another the win.

So a message to you all as you try climb the impossible steeple, Puns don't kill people, people kill people.

But he didn't win just for that. He wins for coming close to winning almost every single other day with a repertoire of smirk-worthy puns. So, well done, Thomas!

And shouts out to yikes, Finlay Downes, Awnshegh, Bones, rawh, Alex, Ad and Andrew Leong, each of whom deserves a quick mention here, if not the actual prize.


    gsh, ah well I tried.

    Congratulations Thomas, and to all the other winners; well played :)

    Congrats to Thomas, but what was "one of my puns had given another the win" in reference to?

      Nevermind, you did a soul / sole pun and were referring to the cobbler entry.

      (Yay for boring day at work and wasting time poking through pages of comments)

    haha well done mate - that was an awesome effort - enjoy your souls of the demon variety

    Congrats :) Did you mean me? “one of my puns had given another the win” Sorry about that. I actually didn't see your entry but my guilt complex is twisting the knife. Glad you got a copy anyways :)

    A mention! Better than all my previous efforts :)

    Well done Thomas (and the other winners)

    Ha thanks guys. Thursdays winner vastly improved on my original "Papa needs a new pair of shoes? Try Demon Sole's" pun.
    Also, sorry for all the puns.

    Like many of you I tried every day and never won. My only consolation is that the winner on each day far surpassed my own meager efforts. Congratulations to all those who won and I hope you enjoy the game.

    HEY GUYS! i got my first honorable mention!

    :D totally made my day :D

    Aww close but no cigar :(
    Congrats to Thomas and all the other winners!
    Thanks David, Kotaku and Namco Bandai for another awesome comp.

    I'm a bit late, but congrats guys! I guess I'll have to wait a while to break in to your games and kill you all. ;)

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